ADF Essentials Security Implementation for Glassfish Deployment by Andrejus Baranovskis

ADF Essentials includes all the key ADF technologies, only one is missing – ADF Security. This is related to ADF Security technical implementation dependency on WebLogic security. However, lack of ADF Security support is not a show stopper – we can enable JAAS security model. This would protect page resources from ADF application, but not ADF Task Flows with Fragments. One of the most common ADF architectures nowadays – use of ADF Task Flows wiclip_image002th Fragments through dynamic regions based on single page. This means security implementation to protect ADF Task Flows with Fragments, when rendered through dynamic region is very important.
In this post I will provide solutions, implemented in the sample application – for:

  • Configuring JAAS security for ADF application
  • Configuring ADF application for Glassfish security
  • Restricting access to ADF Task Flows with Fragments

Read the full article here.

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