Redirecting JVM Output

The JVM in which a WebLogic Server instance runs, sends messages to standard error and standard out. Server as well as application code write directly to these streams instead of using the logging mechanism. Through a configuration option, you can redirect the JVM output to all the registered log destinations, like the server terminal console and log file. When enabled, a log entry appears as a message of NOTICE severity. Redirecting the JVM output does not capture output from native code, for example thread dumps from the JVM.
For example, to redirect the JVM standard out messages:

  • When you start the Administration Server, include the following Java option in the weblogic.Server command:


See "weblogic.Server Configuration Options" in Command Reference for Oracle WebLogic Server.

  • After the Administration Server has started, use the Administration Console to redirect the JVM standard out messages. See "Redirect JVM output" in the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console Online Help.
  • Use the WLST to change the value of the RedirectStdoutToServerLogEnabled property of the LogMBean and re-start the server.

The WLST commands in Example 3-6 redirect the JVM standard out messages in the Administration Server to the server logging destinations. Read the full documentation here.

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  1. Hi Jürgen,
    This works fine but it is important to notice that if you write to standard out and you are using the Node Manager the output will still also be written to the servername.out file. This file cannot be log rotated by WebLogic. While this is not much of a problem on some platforms it is on Windows. So even if you use this redirect you should be careful not to use standard out much if you are using Windows.
    Regards Peter

  2. Hi Jürgen/Peter,

    Yes, I am stuck with the same problem. I redirected my stdout to a log file on windows, now the weblogic admin process is holding a lock of it and I am not able to view the log file.

    Currently I am using weblogic 12c. I never faced this issue with weblogic 11.

    Any help is appreciated,


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