Virtualised Oracle Database Appliance POC – #4 WebLogic… We have lift-off! By Simon Haslam

To readers who have been following my ODA posts this one will come as a bit of a surprise, given that my last post (#3) was about physical networking: I now have Oracle Traffic Director and a 4 node WebLogic cluster up and running! Note: this work was actually done about 3 weeks ago but I have only just found time to write about it.Simon's hand searching for buttons to press on the ODA X3-2

What’s happening is that my customer’s DBAs have been beavering away on Dom1 (aka "ODA Base") creating a RAC database and importing data, whereas I am focussed on WebLogic. Therefore once Dom1 was running we’ve been able to work in parallel. There are actually some really interesting aspects about running databases on the virtualised ODA too, but to be honest I was too excited by this WebLogic stuff to blog in a more logical order!

Deploying WebLogic to Your ODA

So, once you have your ODA installed, booting from the virtual image, ODA Base loaded and configured, you’re ready to install WebLogic. To do this firstly you need to  scp the special "WebLogic for ODA" VM template to both hosts – currently you can choose either 11g (10.3.6) or 12c (12.1.1) – and, if you’re going to run Oracle Traffic Director (OTD), the special OTD template ( too.You also need to scp and extract the clumsily-named "Oracle WebLogic Server Configuration for ODA Utility" (wls_configurator_…tar.gz) onto ODA Base (apparently this should be on Node 0, presumably because it does operations on the second node and assumes that will be Node 1). The next step is to log into ODA Base, set the DISPLAY to point to an X server on your desktop, and run up this WLS Config Utility (as I’ll call it). Note you can actually pre-create the configuration elsewhere but you still end up running the utility interactively anyway as far as I could tell (albeit the pre-created configuration file would pre-fill fields).

WebLogic Server Configuration for Oracle Database Appliance - WebLogic Domain InformationAs Frances Zhao points out on the official WebLogic blog, there aren’t many forms to fill in for the WLS Config Utility. As this was a Proof of Concept I had asked for a block of generic DNS names/IP addresses to play with. I wanted to build a 4 node WLS cluster (this is what the customer has at the moment for their main application) so I actually needed 9 IP addresses (3 for OTD, 1 for the application VIP, 1 for the admin server and 4 for managed servers). Following from the Welcome screen (which allows you to load a previously created configuration file) you start entering details of your required environment: Read the full article here.

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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