Reusing and extending ADF BC entities from common model by Red Samurai

This post is about ADF architecture and better application structuring with EO reuse from common model. I describe how to implement additional requirements to common model in extended ADF BC Entities. Great power of ADF framework – reusability. You should reuse as much as possible, this would simplify maintenance and future development of your application. I will be talking about ADF BC Entity Objects (EOs) reuse in this post. I would recommend to keep EOs in common model project and reuse them across the application. Fair requirement would be to have slightly different EO for specific use case – instead of creating new EO for the same DB table, we could extend original EO and implement specific changes. As for example, we may have different set of business rules, different doDML logic.
Sample application developed for this post includes Common Model library and Main application – Common model library is based on Employees and Jobs EOs, associations and EO implementation generic class. Read the complete article here.

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