Doing more with the WebLogic Maven Plugin (Robot, Selenium and Sonar too!) by Mark Nelson

The ‘new and improved’ WebLogic Maven Plugin in WebLogic Server 12.1.2 provides a bunch of additional capabilities above and beyond your straight compile/package/deploy operations. In this post I wanted to take you on a journey of some of these additional capabilities and explore how we might use them to automate testing of a project.

We are going to use a somewhat contrived example of a simple web application, so the capabilities we look at are going to probably look like overkill for the project. But they probably make a lot more sense for a larger project, and I am sure you can ‘scale up’ the sample and imagine how things would work.

What we are going to do is take an application, and set it up so that our build process does the following:

  • compile the code
  • run unit tests
  • package it into a WAR
  • install WebLogic Server
  • create a simple domain
  • start the Admin Server
  • deploy the application onto the Admin Server
  • run a set of integration tests against the application
  • stop the Admin Server
  • run quality checks on our application

Read the complete article here.


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