Commercial GlassFish Support Is Back – Adam Bien’s Interview with Steve Millidge

Adam Bien: What is the relation between C2B2 and GlassFish?
Steve Millidge: We’ve had a long history helping customers to use GlassFish in production environments. In fact my first ever conference speech in California was at Sun’s CommunityOne conference on Monitoring and Tuning GlassFish back in 2009, so we go back a long way. We were Sun partners back then, promoting GlassFish, and our now Oracle Gold Partners. We have a number of customers we support on GlassFish and we also run the London GlassFish User group. With the announcement from Oracle we are now gearing up our effort to build up the community of contributors on the core GlassFish source to ensure a good response when bugs and patches are needed.

AB: What is C2B2’s Commercial GlassFish support? What will a customer get for the money?
SM: We provide 24/7 operational support to customers deploying GlassFish in production.  Read the complete article here.

Expert GlassFish Support

  • Do you run mission critical Applications on GlassFish?
  • Do you wish there was somebody to turn to if you had GlassFish performance, GlassFish scalability or GlassFish availability problems?
  • Do you find it difficult to recruit GlassFish operations specialists with deep knowledge?

C2B2 provide expert GlassFish support services 24/7 to customers running mission critical GlassFish applications. Our GlassFish engineers provide 2nd and 3rd line expertise as backup to your GlassFish operations team. Our expert GlassFish consultants can login to your servers and assist with triage, remedial action and root cause analysis of GlassFish problems rapidly reducing diagnosis and fix times.

When combined with a support subscription from Oracle we can liaise with Oracle to isolate test cases and get a GlassFish patch if that is the root cause. We can also liaise with your GlassFish development teams to identify application problems and suggest application fixes to increase GlassFish availability, GlassFish scalability and GlassFish performance. Get more support details here.

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