A Weblogic Admin Console with a dynamic look and feel by Peter van Nes

In my previous post i explained how to build your a custom look and feel for the Weblogic Administration Console, which is a result of research into a possibility to distinguish Weblogic Consoles in DTAP environments. My initial plan was to develop a separate look and feel for each specific environment, simply because i did not know what the possibilities were. I quickly abandoned this plan and developed one Weblogic Admin Console look and feel which adapts itself to the environment wherein it is deployed.

At most sites there is a way to determine if your host is running in a Development, Test, Acceptation or Production environment. The key data used to differentiate these environments depends on the infrastructure. It can be for example the IP-address, DNS name or Weblogic Domain name. A customer for example has standardized the weblogic domain names in such a way that the first position of the domain name corresponds with the environment. A Weblogic Development domain therefore always starts with a ‘D’, test with ‘T’, etc.  In this article i will show you how to make the Weblogic Console adapt its look and feel based on the Weblogic Domain name.

The Weblogic Admin Console login page is defined in /login/LoginForm.jsp which imports the MBeanUtils.class file. This class contains a lot of valuable methods. One of those methods, getDomainName() returns as it says the name of the Weblogic Domain. Simply by adding the following single line of Java as a JSP expression to LoginForm.jsp gives you the Weblogic domain name for which the Admin Console is opened. Read the complete article here.

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