Book Review: NetBeans Platform for Beginners by Dustin Marx

NetBeans Platform for Beginners cover pageThe recent Leanpub publication NetBeans Platform for Beginners: Modular Application Development for the Java Desktop by Jason Wexbridge and Walter Nyland provides an introduction to and coverage of the NetBeans Platform. I review the PDF version of NetBeans Platform for Beginners that was last updated on 26 March 2014 in this post.

NetBeans Platform for Beginners features over 350 pages of content divided into ten chapters and three major parts. Although the authors address NetBeans 7.4 specifically, the material in this book should be appropriate for several future versions of NetBeans as well. No prior NetBeans experience is assumed, but familiarity with Java is assumed. Although I’ve used Java and NetBeans IDE for years, my experience with NetBeans Platform has been minimal, making a book focused on NetBeans Platform for Beginners attractive to me.
Part 1: Core

Part 1 of NetBeans Platform for Beginners consists of four chapters focusing on "the mandatory core features of the NetBeans Platform." The initial chapter provides an overview of NetBeans Platform and demonstrates wizard-based creation and modification of simple NetBeans Platform-based applications. Although I don’t have any significant experience with NetBeans Platform, this chapter was an easy-to-understand introduction, especially because much of what is covered consists of variations of approaches very familiar to anyone who has used NetBeans IDE extensively. This first chapter also outlines many advantages and features of NetBeans Platform.

The second, third, and fourth chapters of NetBeans Platform for Beginners respectively cover the Module System, File System, and Lookup features of the NetBeans Platform (three of Geertjan Wielenga‘s top four NetBeans Platform APIs). Read the complete article here.


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