Getting the most out of WLDF Part 3: Notifications by C2B2

This blog directly follows on from part 2 on watches, so if you haven’t already read that then you should probably go and do that now. You can still create notifications without having any watches configured; you just won’t receive anything on them. In the last post, I had created two watches, one Server Log watch and one Collected Metrics watch. In this post, I will create notifications to work with these watches.

What are notifications?
WLDF notifications are nothing more than a particular configuration for alerting based on a condition. Think of them as channels of communication; unless something is sent down those channels, they will stay empty. The forms that these channels can take are:

  • SMTP Email
  • JMS Message
  • Diagnostic Image
  • JMX Notification
  • SNMP Trap

Which notification should I use?
There’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing notification methods, but there is certainly annoying and non-annoying! Of the notification methods above, all but email are passive methods of alerting people concerned. The reason I classify them as passive is that you, as the end-user who wants to be notified, must perform some sort of action to consume that notification. For example, to consume JMS message data, you must use a JMS client and would likely process the data automatically, perhaps for graphing. Read the complete article here.

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