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clip_image001Eugene J. Markow #GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 4.1 has been released. Supports #Java 8 and is bundled in Java EE 7.

clip_image002Oracle Learning Libr What is Oracle Developer Cloud Service?: Released On: 10-SEP-14 What is Oracle Developer Cloud Service?

clip_image002[1]Oracle Learning Libr Understand the Oracle Developer Cloud Service web UI: Released On: 10-SEP-14 Understand the Oracle Developer …

clip_image002[2]Oracle Learning Libr Patching an Oracle Java Cloud Service Instance: Released On: 12-SEP-14 Patch a JCS instance

clip_image002[3]Oracle Learning Libr Create a project in Oracle Developer Cloud Service: Released On: 10-Sep-14 Create a project in Oracle Develop…

clip_image003Lucas Jellema My two minute pre OOW Tech Tip interview with @brhubart of OTN – Vagrant & Puppet and more – …

clip_image004AMIS, Oracle & Java Blog by Lucas Jellema: “The Making of the World Cup Football 2014 Match Center ADF & AngularJS/HTML5 Application”

clip_image003[1]Lucas Jellema New GitHub repository for ADF 12c plus WebSockets in Slide Presenter application – …

clip_image005C2B2 Consulting C2B2’s @mbrasier is speaking at DOAG 2014 @DOAGeV #JavaEE #WebLogic @wlscommunity

clip_image006WebLogic Community Docker, Java EE 7, and Maven with WebLogic 12.1.3 by Bruno Borges

clip_image006[1]WebLogic Community Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) 12c Release 3 (12.1.3) Installation on Oracle Linux 5 and 6 by Oracle Base

clip_image007shay shmeltzer A quick blog about what #OracleADF, #JDeveloper and #OracleMAF developer should be planning to do at #OOW …

clip_image008JavaOne Conference Win an Appreciation Event VIP Pass: Tweet about JavaOne using #JavaOneVIPdraw Details

clip_image009luc bors Great overview of #OracleADF and #OracleMAF related sessions at #OOW14 …

clip_image010JDeveloper & ADF SonarQube with ADF application

clip_image004[1]AMIS, Oracle & Java @adf_emg: ADF EMG audit rules now available for JDev 12.1.3 … /via @RichardOlrichs

clip_image011Oracle Middleware EVP Thomas Kurian to keynote #Oracle #FMW General Session at #OOW14. Don’t miss: Mon, Sep 29 at 1:15p

clip_image012OTNArchBeat Technical White Paper: Developing with Oracle #WebLogic Server 12.1.3

clip_image012[1]OTNArchBeat “The question is no longer whether to migrate to #HTML5, but when,” says Alan Arthur Katz @TSS_dotcom

clip_image012[2]OTNArchBeat Video: 2 Minute Tech Tip by @LucasJellema on #Vagrant #Puppet #Docker and #Packer |

clip_image011[1]Oracle Middleware The most innovative Fusion #Middleware customers of 2014 will be revealed @ #Oracle OpenWorld #FMW #Innovation #OOW14

clip_image013Adam Bien Sufficient registrations for the October and December Munich #javaee workshops reached. Book your flights 🙂

clip_image014OPN Business Center Oracle IoT Summit Dusseldorf 2014 … #InternetofThings

clip_image015JAX London What the #java community thinks @Oracle needs to do next. #Javaee

clip_image016Simon Haslam Nordic ACE Tour – join me in October to discuss WebLogic, WLST, EDG, SSL & ODA!


clip_image006[2]WebLogic Community Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.3 Whitepaper – Developing with WebLogic Server By Will Lyons

clip_image002[4]Oracle Learning Libr 1Oracle Java Cloud Service: Product Tour: Released On: 10-SEP-14 Get started with a product tour

clip_image010[1]JDeveloper & ADF Custom Login in ADF Application

Blog: Automatically Applying Get

clip_image019Andrejus Baranovskis Andrejus Baranovskis Blog: Transactional Data Caching for ADF Mobile MAF Application

clip_image020OracleSupport_WLS RT one of my own post on #performance #debugging – Navigating through diagnostic data options #weblogic

clip_image013[1]Adam Bien Simplest possible #html5#javaee communication with #websockets … #blogpost #screencast

clip_image010[2]JDeveloper & ADF How to refresh the Iterator from the Managed Bean in MAF application

clip_image012[3]OTNArchBeat Why Join the #JavaOne #GlassFish Community Events? | @Reza_Rahman

clip_image010[3]JDeveloper & ADF Oracle MAF – Using Panel Group Layout – wrap

clip_image019[1]Andrejus Baranovskis Andrejus Baranovskis Blog: ADF BC View Object Change Notification Listener

clip_image010[4]JDeveloper & ADF Testing your REST service in JDeveloper – How to access the sample data form

clip_image010[5]JDeveloper & ADF Calling Java Script function from java bean class in MAF

clip_image005[1]C2B2 Consulting Don’t miss ‘Calling all #GlassFish Users&UGs.Contribute to GlassFish’ BOF at JavaOne! #JavaEE

clip_image021Oracle Press Six sessions at #JavaOne by @hendrikEbbers: Enterprise #JavaFX #DataFX #GUI & more. Sign up before they fill up

clip_image022UV @wlscommunity Facing issue connecting to weblogic server.Getting Err 404. f i am opening the weblogic via browser it connects.Please help.

clip_image023Ashish Awasthi @rohanwalia17 @JDeveloper @wlscommunity @oadfb Dynamic (parameterize model level validation using message token #ADF …

clip_image006[3]WebLogic Community Welcome the New Oracle Weblogic Server 12.1.3 Release By Emin Askerov

clip_image024GlassFish GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 4.1 Released! …

clip_image010[6]JDeveloper & ADF Mobile and Social login connections in Oracle MAF: a few hints to install the server-side components

clip_image010[7]JDeveloper & ADF Oracle MAF – Disabling Landscape mode

clip_image025Oracle WebLogic #Oracle Cloud Application Foundation @ OpenWorld 2014: Don’t-Miss Sessions, Demos, Hands-on Labs, and More

clip_image006[4]WebLogic Community WebLogic Server 12c (12.1.3) New Features focus on administration – free on-demand training

clip_image010[8]JDeveloper & ADF Show message (Invoke FacesMessage) using JavaScript in ADF Faces

clip_image020[1]OracleSupport_WLS Installing Weblogic 10.3.5 binaries and creating a domain in 2 minutes #wlst #config

clip_image026Johan Vos GlassFish 4 in a cluster, it works in production.

clip_image019[2]Andrejus Baranovskis Andrejus Baranovskis Blog: Calculating HTML ID for ADF UI Table Row

clip_image027Janis Krasemann Mein erster Blogpost für @enpit#JDeveloper 12c: Standardmäßig eingeschalteten Autocommit deaktivieren

clip_image023[1]Ashish Awasthi #ADF #UI Nice post by @andreaskoop …

clip_image023[2]Ashish Awasthi @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity @oadfb @JDeveloper Show Message (Invoke FacesMessage) using JavaScript #ADF …

clip_image006[5]WebLogic Community Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.3 is Released By Will Lyons

clip_image025[1]Oracle WebLogic #LiveWebcast WebLogic 12.1.3: Using Whole Server Migration with Dynamic Clusters, by @OracleLL – Sept 3rd,P145_PREV_PAGE:3461,143 …

clip_image025[2]Oracle WebLogic Register now – Sept 3, 2014 Oracle #WebLogic Server 12.1.3: Using Whole Server Migration with Dynamic Clusters

clip_image025[3]Oracle WebLogic #WebLogic 12.1.3 Partner Resource Kit – Jurgen Kress

clip_image025[4]Oracle WebLogic #OOW14 CON8307: Troubleshooting perf. issues with logs and thread dumps – Moscone south – 270 on 9/29 4-4:45pm #weblogic

clip_image020[2]OracleSupport_WLS Developing with Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.3 – Whitepaper and Video #RESTful #WebSocket

clip_image019[3]Andrejus Baranovskis Andrejus Baranovskis

clip_image005[2]C2B2 Consulting See ‘Glassfish 4 – Performance Tuning, Monitoring and Troubleshooting’ by Andy Overton on @DZone @glassfish #JavaEE

Posted Attribute Method for Row Refresh

clip_image011[2]Oracle Middleware Find out with us the most innovative Fusion #Middleware customers of 2014 in a special Award Ceremony on 09/30 #OOW14

clip_image010[9]JDeveloper & ADF Integrating Cordova Plugin with Oracle MAF – iOS Calendar Plugin

clip_image020[3]OracleSupport_WLS Register now for webcast – Enabling Dev of Modern Apps: WebSocket and Maven Support – 9/18 11am EST #weblogic

clip_image028Fusion Applications Showcase Your Expertise on the New #Oracle Cloud Marketplace || … || #Weblogic #Cloud

clip_image006[6]WebLogic Community Partner Resource kits #WebLogic12c #OracleMAF #WeblogicCommunity

clip_image023[3]Ashish Awasthi @JDeveloper @rohanwalia17 @oadfb @wlscommunity Customize af:button using skinning –#ADF (12.1.3) …

clip_image012[4]OTNArchBeat Top 5 Oracle Mobile Application Foundation (MAF) Videos #oraclemaf #oepe #jdeveloper

clip_image029Oracle Tech Network OTN at #OOW2014: Meet-ups. Skill Level-ups. Inexpensive yet tasteful gifts while they last.

clip_image013[2]Adam Bien My JavaOne 2014 Sessions: JavaFX, Nashorn and Unorthodox Practices: … #javaone #sessions #blogpost

clip_image010[10]JDeveloper & ADF Oracle MAF Skinning

clip_image008[1]JavaOne Conference Learn what #OTN has in store for developers #JavaOne #OpenWorld

clip_image012[5]OTNArchBeat End-To-End #ADF #Cloud Deployment Process | @AndrejusB

clip_image030Oracle.IMC Partner Webcast – Oracle Internet of Things Platform: Java 8 connecting the… … on @bloglovin

clip_image016[1]Simon Haslam Just bumped into @Chef‘s very useful partial templates feature …

clip_image005[3]C2B2 Consulting Read Andy Pielage’s article about configuring WebLogic 12c to use Log4j and SLF4J with Logback #JavaEE #WebLogic

clip_image031Apuntes de Java Tutorial #JSF 2.2 – Sesión 8: #HTML5 #glassfish #glassfishv4 #javaee7 #jee7 #jsf22 #netbeans

clip_image006[7]WebLogic Community WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter August 2014

clip_image032Java Tech Article: Exploring Java 8 Profiles by @kittylyst

clip_image005[4]C2B2 Consulting C2B2 on G-Cloud: GlassFish On the Cloud Consulting Services #GlassFish #JavaEE #Gcloud #cloud #publicsector

clip_image033Maz @wlscommunity When will Oracle have a straight product strategy? When will WL go Java8? (Is enough to just be supported, no features needed)

clip_image023[4]Ashish Awasthi @JDeveloper @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity @oadfb Using HashMap in EL expression to set component properties in #ADF …

clip_image005[5]C2B2 Consulting C2B2’s @mbrasier is speaking at DOAG 2014 conference in Nuremberg in Nov @DOAGeV #JavaEE #WebLogic @wlscommunity

clip_image030[1]Oracle.IMC I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Partner Webcast – The Revolution of Oracle Java 8 – 21 Aug 2014

clip_image006[8]WebLogic Community WebLogic 12.1.3 partner resource kit

clip_image006[9]WebLogic Community WebLogic 12.1.3 available – first partner feedback

clip_image034Rohan Seeded Customizations using MDS in Oracle ADF … @JDeveloper @wlscommunity @oadfb #OracleADF #Customizations

clip_image035Monty Latiolais Great issue of @OTechMag … featuring #odtug #kscope14 Check it out!!

clip_image013[3]Adam Bien #netbeans rocks: installation and setup: … #blogpost

clip_image036Wolfgang Weigend New #Java advanced management console AMC 1.0 is available with the release of #JDK 8 Update 20 …

clip_image020[4]OracleSupport_WLS Set up a 12c SOA/BPM infrastructure #weblogic #oracle #cloud #coherence

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