Running your ADF Essentials application on Glassfish 3 By Herman Mensinga

For some of our own internal applications, we (AMIS) are using 2 products of Oracle that do not require any license to be payed: ADF Essentials and the Oracle XE database.
These applications were initially deployed to a Tomcat 6 server, only when trying to deploy new applications we encountered issues with conflicting libraries. As the Glassfish Open Source edition is also free and well documented and supported I decided to investigate a switch.

Since ADF Essentials is available more than a year, posts about using ADF Essentials with Glassfish are there already. Take this one for example by Shay Smeltzer. But in these posts there was always something missing, in this post I share the steps I needed for a working deployment to a remote server (in the cloud in my case).

First my assumptions/environment:

  • Combination Oracle XE 11g, ADF essentials 11g r2 and Glassfish Open Source Edition 3.1
  • The ADF application uses a JDBC datasource
  • Glassfish will be running on a server on which the (Oracle XE) database is also running
  • The Glassfish Admin console is accessed remotely

Installing and configuring Glassfish
First we check that a JDK 6 or 7 is installed on the server. If not please install JDK 7. Read the complete article here.

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