Top 5 Oracle Mobile Application Foundation (MAF) Videos By Bob Rhubart

clip_image002The Oracle Mobile Platform YouTube channel launched about two months ago, and now offers more than forty videos focused on technical information about how you can use components in the mobile platform, including Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF). Most of the videos are under 10 minutes, offering a quick and easy source of technical information to help in your efforts to develop mobile applications for the enterprise. The videos in the channel are organized into several playlists, including "Designing and Developing a MAF Application," "Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse," "UI Development in Oracle MAF," and more.

The list below represents the Top 5 most popular videos from that channel.

  1. Oracle Mobile Platform Channel Introduction
    A 2-minute introduction to the channel by Grant Ronald, director of product management for Oracle Mobility and Development tools.
  2. An Introduction to Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF)
    Grant Ronald introduces the concept of a hybrid mobile application and gives an overview of Oracle MAF, a hybrid mobile application framework for developing on-device mobile applications.
  3. An Introduction to the Mobile Market and its Challenges
    "Mobility has become a critical part of the IT environment," says Grant Ronald in this video. And with the evolution in IoT, mobility goes well beyond the devices people hold in their hands.
  4. Oracle MAF Runtime Demonstration
    What can you do with Oracle MAF? This video shows you a runtime demo of the Workbetter Oracle MAF application then calls out the various MAF building blocks used to create the app.
  5. Oracle MAF Setup and Installation in JDeveloper
    Before using Oracle MAF in JDeveloper, you need to install the MAF extension and the appropriate SDK. This video gives you an overview of the installation and setup steps
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