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clip_image001WebLogic Community Fusion Middleware Community Forum 2015 registration open https://Workspace … for #WebLogicCommunity members #ofmForumclip_image002Frank Nimphius Oracle MAF available fixing Mac OS 10.9.5 or 10.10 deployment issues + Android 4.4.4 issue. Read …

clip_image003Oracle Linux The #Docker Engine and Official #Oracle #Linux images are fully supported as part of Oracle Linux Basic and Premier support subscriptions.

clip_image004Rohan #Sangam14 My Experience !! http://rohanw @nichapter_aioug

clip_image005C2B2 Consulting See @mbrasier at DOAG next week: Automating Creation of #WebLogic Domains using WLST #JavaEE @wlscommunity

clip_image006JDeveloper & ADF Share information among features in Oracle Mobile Application Framework

clip_image007OracleADF Share information among features in Oracle Mobile Application Framework

clip_image005[1]C2B2 Consulting Common #WebLogic Problems: Performance Tuning, Migrations & more #JavaEE #Java #Middleware

clip_image005[2]C2B2 Consulting New Announcements from #Devoxx : #Voxed Share the Knowledge feat. Steve Millidge:A GlassFish Alternative with Teeth

clip_image008Adam Bien In case Munich Airport is too far for you:… #bootstrap #javaee #course

clip_image006[1]JDeveloper & ADF Dynamic ADF Form Solution for Oracle BPM Process

clip_image009OTNArchBeat Choosing the Right Mobile Architecture, by @LonnekeDikmans > Part of FREE OTN Virtual Tech Summit Nov 18

clip_image006[2]JDeveloper & ADF Security in Oracle ADF

clip_image001[1]WebLogic Community @debralille @CertusCloud Hi Debra you can tell your partner @wlscommunity offers free #PaaS for #SaaS cloud test accounts. You got one 😉

clip_image010Lucas Jellema I really like this animation about Oracle Cloud Services as the periodic table of elements: …


clip_image013OracleSupport_WLS Missing stack traces for repeated exceptions #Java #Optimization #JDK8 #NPE

clip_image014Henning Kropp @jonbros ·  Nov 7

Awesome! Free NB Training in Munich – NetBeans Day … 2nd of Dezember

clip_image015Oracle Middleware Drive industrial innovation with IoT while avoiding pitfalls. Here’s how Superior Industries is doing it #OOW14 recap

clip_image006[3]JDeveloper & ADF Passing User Context When Invoking ADF BC SOAP Web Services

clip_image016Oracle WebLogic Need service level guarantees from your PaaS? ComputerWorld survey of 300 IT execs on PaaS requirements … #WebLogic

clip_image010[1]Lucas Jellema valuable overview of Java EE 8 specifications:

clip_image008[1]Adam Bien 8th edition of is online. Most questions answered so far and < 1h: … #airhacks #blogpost

clip_image017luc bors Another @OracleMobile success story. How @AMIS_Services & #OracleMAF helped BCRenal mobile enable patients&labresults clip_image018Andrejus Baranovskis Dynamic ADF Form Solution for Oracle BPM Process

clip_image005[3]C2B2 Consulting Getting Started with Oracle Coherence:watch webinar on-demand: #JavaEE #datagrid #Java @OracleWebLogic @wlscommunity

clip_image019Hendrik Gossens German ADF Community – welcome to join via @wlscommunity

clip_image020Ashish Awasthi Send SMS from #ADF App http://ww-sms-from-oracle-adf-application.html … @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @oadfb

clip_image005[4]C2B2 Consulting Only 2 weeks left until DOAG !Automating Creation of #WebLogic Domains using WLST’by @mbrasier #JavaEE @wlscommunity

clip_image007[1]OracleADF Deploying a Java EE Application to an Oracle Java Cloud Service Instance Using JDeveloper

clip_image010[2]Lucas Jellema Interestingly worded desired for Lambdas in Java – predating Java 8 by some 9 years or so. Fun to read: …

clip_image021Oracle.IMC Partner Webcast – Oracle #JDeveloper #12c : Productive Java-based… @oraclepartners

clip_image021[1]Oracle.IMC Check out the presentation on Oracle MAF 12c using Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse … via @SlideShare @oraclepartners

clip_image015[1]Oracle Middleware .#Developers, you were not forgotten at #OOW14! Recap all the love that was designed just for you /cc @OracleDevTools

clip_image009[1]OTNArchBeat Oracle Alta Mobile UI Design Guidelines >> Cool resource for #OracleMAF users.

clip_image006[4]JDeveloper & ADF Handling Date Format and ADF Bindings

clip_image006[5]JDeveloper & ADF Expose ADF BC as RESTful Web Service

clip_image013[1]OracleSupport_WLS Video: RESTful Configuration Part I – WebLogic 12.1.3



clip_image013[2]OracleSupport_WLS Video: RESTful Configuration Part II – WebLogic 12.1.3


clip_image026Josh Juneau Don’t miss the EMEA Oracle Virtual Technology Summit on 11/26 clip_image027Oracle Learning Libr Deploying a Java EE Application to an Oracle Java Cloud Service Instance Using JDeveloper: Released On: 29-Oct-14

clip_image005[5]C2B2 Consulting ‘Testing Java EE Applications Using Arquillian & GlassFish’ with @reza_rahman is tomorrow!! Make sure you sign up

clip_image006[6]JDeveloper & ADF Developing Your First Oracle Alta UI page with Oracle ADF Faces

clip_image028Java DevNexus Atlanta – CFP closes 15th December

clip_image029Bruno Borges Developing Your First #Beautiful #Awesome #Elegant Oracle Alta UI page with Oracle ADF Faces https://blogs.orclip_image031

clip_image032GlassFish JavaOne Replay: ‘Java EE 8 Overview’ by Linda DeMichiel https://blogs.ora8 … via @delabassee

clip_image009[2]OTNArchBeat Coherence SIGs Coming to Europe. Munich (Nov 4), Stockholm (Nov 5), London (Nov 7), Madrid (Nov 12).

clip_image018[1]Andrejus Baranovskis Handling Date Format and ADF Bindings

clip_image029[1]Bruno Borges #JavaOne Sessions for You! – Now you can watch several sessions online for #free. Visit the JavaOne 2014 page

clip_image033Oracle Mobile Oracle’s Suhas Uliyar shares his thought on the #mobileapps revolution

clip_image034Payara Is there anything GlassFish related that you want to see ‘how to’ a blog post about? We are here to help! #GlassFish #JavaEE

clip_image035Java Magazine Java Architect, build mobile apps with @OracleADF, a Java-based hybrid mobile platform

clip_image036Simon Haslam Nordic @oracleace Tour 2014: my non-technical summary with a few tips …

clip_image037Jon petter hjulstad Let us make the best Middleware track ever next year! CFP for #ougn15 is now open: @soacommunity @wlscommunity

clip_image010[3]Lucas Jellema Interesting intro of libOVD – lightweight LDAP virtualization on WebLogic 11g/12c OPSS very useful to combine LDAPs http://fusi12/06/libovd-when-and-how.html …

clip_image004[1]Rohan Introduction to Oracle ADF Task Flows by @rohanwalia17 #adf #oracle http://www.slideshadf-task-flows … via @SlideShare @amansharma81 #NIAIOUGWebinar

clip_image016[1]Oracle WebLogic #ComputerWorld Report of 300 IT exec survey: Cloud needs guarantees, PaaS growing rapidly with #WebLogic. …

clip_image009[3]OTNArchBeat Creating Domains with WLST | Martin Heinz >> Sample chapter from “Advanced WebLogic Server Automation”

clip_image009[4]OTNArchBeat Facebook Friday: Top 10 Posts – Oct 17-23 #jdeveloper #microservices #oam #obiee #webcenter

clip_image009[5]OTNArchBeat I’m in, too! #oraclenerd t-shirt day.


clip_image007[2]OracleADF How to correctly color a bar chart in 12.1.3

clip_image006[7]JDeveloper & ADF ADF BC View Object SQL Query Customization with MDS

clip_image006[8]JDeveloper & ADF Learn about mobile development with #Oracle #JDeveloper in the Oracle Virtual Technology Summit – register today!

clip_image029[2]Bruno Borges Oracle’s #Java #Cloud Service users get free access to Developer Cloud Service. #Hudson #Git #Wiki and more OOTB

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