GlassFish is here to stay. We heard it from the Oracle by C2B2

clip_image001We are at JavaOne 2014 and one of the key reasons for me to attend was to catch up on the future of GlassFish. So on Sunday I went along to the GlassFish community update at the Moscone Center to consult with the Oracle on the future of GlassFish.
The reason I go to JavaOne is to hear the definitive view on GlassFish and JavaEE futures from the people that make the decisions. There’s no other conference you can say that about.
On the stand there were 4 Oracle guys who make the decisions on GlassFish.
John Clingan – Product Manager for JavaEE and GlassFish; Mike Lehman – Product Manager for Cloud Application Framework; Cameron Purdy – VP Development; Reza Rahman – Evangelist for JavaEE and GlassFish.
What I saw was that there is a roadmap for GlassFish out until JavaOne 2016 as JavaEE8 develops with GlassFish 5 being the reference implementation for JavaEE 8. GlassFish 5 will aim to be released as the final draft for JavaEE 8 hit the JCP.
Cameron spoke about GlassFish being a key Research and Development platform with much of the technology created in GlassFish to support the JavaEE specifications finding its way into WebLogic with GlassFish having a key role in the evolution of JavaEE far into the future. Many of the key JavaEE specification developers are working on GlassFish as part of their JSR work and that is a huge investment.
John reiterated that Quality, stability and security are still important. The team continue to work to ensure that GlassFish passes all the JSR Compatibility Test Suites and any issues will be fixed. In fact the key priorities for the recent 4.1 release were Java 8 support, stability and quality. Also much of the work invested into GlassFish for JavaEE 8 support will be shareable with WebLogic. Read the complete article here.

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