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clip_image001WebLogic Community Updated the training calendar … only for #WebLogicCommunity members … @OracleWebLogic

clip_image002Andreas Koop Reading: Practical Tips for Web and Mobile Usability Tests

clip_image003Oracle.IMC Partner Webcast – Extending Oracle Applications with Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform Oracle Fusion Middleware…

clip_image004Ashish Awasthi #ADF Basics:Delete child records on delete of parent @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @OracleADF @oadfb

clip_image005Andrejus Baranovskis Oracle Mobile Suite Service Bus REST and ADF BC SOAP

clip_image006Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! … Stories via @rohanwalia17 @JDeveloper @wlscommunity

clip_image006[1]Rohan Personalization Using MDS in ADF Applications … @wlscommunity @ashish__awasthi @JDeveloper #MDS #OracleADF

clip_image004[1]Ashish Awasthi Using Star Rating component (dvt:ratingGauge) in #ADF 12c … @wlscommunity @rohanwalia17 @JDeveloper @OracleADF @oadfb

clip_image004[2]Ashish Awasthi Model level validation for transient attributes in #ADF) … @wlscommunity @rohanwalia17 @JDeveloper @OracleADF

clip_image007leonsmiers Getting Started with the A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator by @stevendavelaar … #MAF #Mobile

clip_image004[3]Ashish Awasthi Using captcha with #ADF Faces … @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @JDeveloper @oadfb @OTNArchBeat @Shanto315

clip_image008Adam Bien Happy New 2015. May The Duke Be With You. 🙂

clip_image009Oracle Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015! #HappyNewYear


clip_image012Oracle University Get the latest skills on the latest revolutionary Java release


clip_image003[1]Oracle.IMC Oracle Fusion Middleware EMEA Partner Community Forum 2015 … on @bloglovin

clip_image001[1]WebLogic Community Happy New Year 😉 thanks for your #WebLogicCommunity contribution – 2015 will be great & exciting!

clip_image015shay shmeltzer We’ll make more noise when everyone is back at work next week, but FYI, the #Oracle #Alta UI sample app code is here …

clip_image016Waslley Souza ADF: Using Save Points (Explicit) – @wlscommunity

clip_image017JDeveloper & ADF Using Java API for WebSockets in JDeveloper 12.1.3

clip_image018Ayalla Goldschmidt Want to be the sharpest pencil in 2015? Join the #PaaS Online Forum to get a head start

clip_image005[1]Andrejus Baranovskis Custom ADF Application with New ADF 12c Alta UI

clip_image019Oracle Cloud Zone Join us at #CloudWorld on January 13th in New York to learn more about what cloud computing can do for you business

clip_image020Oracle Middleware [Video] #Security is the word of the day, and #WebLogic and #OracleCoherence have you covered. From #Oracle #OOW14


clip_image006[2]Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! … Stories via @wlscommunity @JDeveloper

clip_image022Oracle WebLogic .#Oracle #WebLogic has a lot in store for 2015. Check out the road map session from #OOW14. #Java #Cloud


clip_image017[1]JDeveloper & ADF Red Samurai ADF Performance Audit Tool v 3.3 – Audit Improvements

clip_image023Java Code Geeks #Java EE 6 Cookbook

clip_image018[1]Ayalla Goldschmidt Curious what #WebLogic has in store for 2015? Check out this road map presentation to find out


clip_image002[1]Andreas Koop Pushing data to multiple WebSocket clients from a Java server

clip_image024Debra Lilley Why not submit to #oug_ire it’s going to be a great event … #ukoug

clip_image025Bruno Borges Now the #WebLogic #Docker project has 3 Dockerfiles: 1 for devs (w/ base-domain) and 2 for generic installer …

clip_image026C2B2 Consulting

#WebLogic Diagnostic Framework is often overlooked but can be very powerful when configured properly #JEE #Java

clip_image005[2]Andrejus Baranovskis Red Samurai ADF Performance Audit Tool v 3.3 – Audit Improvements

clip_image027Timo Hahn #Oracle #ADF released the source code for the Alta UI sample application. Read … for more info.

clip_image028OTNArchBeat Managing WebLogic and Deployed Applications in DMZ and Other Network Setups, by Martin Heinzel

clip_image001[2]WebLogic Community Java Cloud & Developer Cloud hands-on training at #ofmForum only for partners #WebLogicCommunity @Oracle

clip_image017[2]JDeveloper & ADF Get the Oracle Alta UI Demo Application with Oracle ADF Faces

clip_image005[3]Andrejus Baranovskis Configuring MDS Customisation Layer and Layer Value Combination in ADF

clip_image001[3]WebLogic Community Happy Holiday & a great start in 2015 from the WebLogic & ADF Community!

clip_image017[3]JDeveloper & ADF Mobile Application Framework Workshop Material by Chris Muir

clip_image029Oracle Mobile Get the Oracle Alta UI Demo Application with Oracle ADF Faces

clip_image029[1]Oracle Mobile Mobile Application Framework Workshop Material by Chris Muir

clip_image029[2]Oracle Mobile MAF: Deploy in Release Mode (Android)

clip_image029[3]Oracle Mobile Mobile Application Framework Developer Guide: Build Multiplatform Enterprise Mobile Apps Paperback– by Luc Bors

clip_image030OracleSupport_WLS Linux: How to Load Balance with DNS Round Robin

clip_image028[1]OTNArchBeat Installing ORDS 3.0 in #Weblogic>> How-to by @npu1974 #REST

clip_image024[1]Debra Lilley Booked for SOA Community Forum in March, which is going to be a very busy month #ougn #ukoug_ire #AppAdv

clip_image031OTechMag OTech Magazine Winter 2014 is here! Happy Christmas everybody! …

clip_image030[1]OracleSupport_WLS OBIEE 11G: How to change the default user or weblogic password

clip_image032costlow Node.js and io.js on Java – … #nodejs #java

clip_image017[4]JDeveloper & ADF Quite week at work? Time to skill up on Oracle ADF Architecture with the #OracleADF Architecture #YouTube channel

clip_image029[4]Oracle Mobile Mobilizing some big iron with Oracle Mobile App Framework #Oracle #mobile …

clip_image016[1]Waslley Souza MAF: Deploy in Release Mode (Android) – @wlscommunity

clip_image028[2]OTNArchBeat Top Ten 2 Minute Tech Tip Videos for 2014. Leaders: @LucasJellema @RichNiemiec @LuisW19 #2MTT

clip_image028[3]OTNArchBeat Free tutorial: Developing Applications with #OEPE and Oracle Developer Cloud Service

clip_image033Whitehorses Whiteblog: Installing ORDS 3.0 (Early adopter) in Weblogic. ( )

clip_image006[3]Rohan Custom Exception Handling in ADF – Model Layer Generic Framework Design … @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @OracleADF

clip_image004[4]Ashish Awasthi Uploading and showing image file from absolute server path #ADF … @wlscommunity @rohanwalia17 @OracleADF @JDeveloper

clip_image028[4]OTNArchBeat Free tutorial: Building #Mobile Applications with #OracleMAF #jdeveloper

clip_image034OPN Business Center Missed the last live OPN webcast on Oracle Cloud ? Watch the replay here #opncloudconnection

clip_image035Oracle Magazine Share information among features in Oracle #Mobile Application Framework.

clip_image037 Niko Köbler continues his investigation of the new version of #Oracle’s #Avatar and its Model Store #API.

clip_image039Pieter Kranenburg Oracle Forms 2 ADF conversion? … @QAFE @OracleCarib

clip_image040O-box SSL T-shirt at #ukoug_tech14 …


clip_image006[4]Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! … Stories via @wlscommunity

clip_image022[1]Oracle WebLogic .#Java #Cloud Service: #WebLogic in the cloud for your apps. How does this cloud stack up? #Oracle

clip_image017[5]JDeveloper & ADF Debugging HTML in Oracle MAF Applications on Android – YouTube


clip_image028[5]OTNArchBeat How to debug the HTML in Oracle MAF Applications | Grant Ronald >> videos for iOS and Android

clip_image045Lucas Jellema Very few seats left for the great Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Forum, March 3-6 Budapest; go to @soacommunity

clip_image028[6]OTNArchBeat Congratulations to Grant Ronald for "Mobile: The Enterprise Game Changer" UKOUG’s most-read article.

clip_image046Oracle Eclipse New Tutorial: Use #Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse and Oracle Developer #Cloud Service to build and deploy Apps

clip_image029[5]Oracle Mobile Form-Field Validation in MAF

clip_image029[6]Oracle Mobile ADF meet smartphone, phone meet smartADF

clip_image017[6]JDeveloper & ADF ADF meet smartphone, phone meet smartADF

clip_image018[2]Ayalla Goldschmidt #paas powers Digital business. Please join us in the New Year at the #Oracle Cloud Platform Online Forum

clip_image028[7]OTNArchBeat Managing WebLogic Server and Deployed Applications in DMZ and Other Network Setups, by Martin Heinzl

clip_image017[7]JDeveloper & ADF Form-Field Validation in MAF

clip_image016[2]Waslley Souza Form-Field Validation in MAF – @wlscommunity

clip_image047AMIS, Oracle & Java Blog by Frank Houweling: "Creating Intuitive & Interactive Dashboards with the ADF Data Visualization Components"

clip_image048chriscmuir New blog post: ADF meet smartphone, phone meet smartADF – …

clip_image017[8]JDeveloper & ADF The value attribute of SelectMany components

clip_image028[8]OTNArchBeat Latest Coherence Patch: Updated #Coherence #JVisualVM Plugin | Tim Middleton

clip_image049Oracle Learning Libr Developing Applications with OEPE and Oracle Developer Cloud Service: Released On: 17-DEC-14

clip_image008[1]Adam Bien html5# project support (initial setup) in #netbeans: … #screencast #blogpost

clip_image017[9]JDeveloper & ADF How to dial a phone number from Oracle Mobile Application Framework?

clip_image050ADF Community DE Last 3 #ADFSpotlight recordings & materials are available on OTN #ADFSpotlightMediathek

clip_image028[9]OTNArchBeat This week’s Top 10 Tweets – Dec 9-15 #ADF #FusionApps #HTML5 #Mobile #OracleMAF, and more.

clip_image051Wolfgang Weigend #Java SE 8 customer workshop done today #moreAdvancedFeatures #JMC w/ the great #JFR tutorial from @hirt #eclipse IDE


clip_image054Maarten Smeets New blog post: Weblogic LDAPAuthenticator configuration; the GUID Attribute. @wlscommunity

clip_image055OPITZ CONSULTING Nicht verpassen: Die Sessions unserer Experten @t_winterberg & f_werkmeister beim Oracle Special Day der #OOP:

clip_image009[1]Oracle How can #Java help with your #IoT device strategy?

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