REST/JSON in MAF by Waslley Souza


clip_image001REST/JSON has several advantages over SOAP/XML, so it is preferred for mobile web services. As REST/JSON is a smaller than SOAP/XML, you will be passing much less data over the network. For mobile devices, it is a very important point.

In this post we will create a CRUD of employees in Oracle MAF 2.0 using REST/JSON.
I will use this REST application (Expose ADF BC as RESTful Web Service).
Download the sample application:

Initialize the REST Web Service.

Create a Mobile Application Framework Application, and name it as MAFRESTJSONApp.
In the maf-feature.xml file, create a new feature and call it as employees.
Click the Content tab, and then click green plus button near File field, to create the EmployeesTF Task Flow.

Create the REST Connection.
Go to Projects panel, right-click ViewController project and choose New > From Gallery.
In the New Gallery dialog, choose General > Connections > REST Connection.
If you click Test Connection button, you will receive an error.
It is intentional, because I want to use the same REST Connection for all operations. Read the complete article here.

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  1. lm new to MAF .l created two projects (1)RestServiceProject as back end server and another one for (2)Front End Side called MAFProject . On the remote service ie RestServiceProject , l have a Rest Service that update User detail with data obtain from Front end side .My class look like this :


    public class UserCCD extends OObject {


    public rootUriOk() {




    @Produces(“application/json, application/xml”)

    @Consumes(“application/json, application/xml”)

    public void CheckUser(Intec.Types.User user) {

    try {

    OUser oUser = new OUser();


    } catch (Exception ex) {




    in the method CheckUser(Intec.Types.User user) l want to pass the payload data in the form of JSON but the problem is that the data entered from the UI is not being passed to this method . Below is the piece of code that call rest service :

    User userInt = new User();




    RestServiceAdapter restServiceAdapter = Model.createRestServiceAdapter();





    restServiceAdapter.addRequestProperty(“Content-Type”, “application/json”);

    restServiceAdapter.addRequestProperty(“Accept”, “application/json; charset=UTF-8”);


    String postDataStr = “”;

    if (userInt != null) {

    JSONObject jsonObj = (JSONObject) JSONBeanSerializationHelper.toJSON(userInt);


    postDataStr = jsonObj.toString();


    response = restServiceAdapter.send(postDataStr);

    How to receive data( data like userid , firstname , LastName) on the remote service .On the Remote Service the data is null values .

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