Using ADF BC Declarative Built-in Rules (Part 9 of 10): Script Expression validator by Antonis Antoniou


clip_image002The last set of validators consist of the "Script Expression" validator and the "Method" validator which can be defined either at the entity level or the attribute level to validate either the entire entity object or a specific entity attribute. The "Script Expression" validator enables you to validate either the entire entity object or a specific entity attribute using a Groovy expression that returns either true, meaning that the validation is successful or false to define that the validation has failed.
The "Script Expression" validator has some very interesting characteristics which we will see in practice using an example by Frank Nimphius
I will be using the HR schema and the employees table to define an attribute level validation using a "Script Expression" to define a departmental salary budget and to ensure that the cumulative salary of employees per department does not exceed their respective departmental salary budget.
I have created an ADF Fusion Web Application and created the basic business components that I will be using in this demo; two entity objects based on the Employees and Departments HR tables, default view objects based on the two entity objects and a default application module. Read the whole article here.

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