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clip_image001WebLogic Community #WebLogicCommunity newsletter April edition … – read it! @OracleWebLogic @OracleMiddle

clip_image002Adam Bien Upcoming #java #javaee #microservices #html5 #testing (…) events, sessions and workshops: …

clip_image003NetBeans Team New — attend NetBeans Platform training courses in the US with @Paul_ASGTeach and @gail_asgteach: …

clip_image004luc bors Short impression of yesterdays @odtug Mobile Day in Utrecht : …

clip_image005JDeveloper & ADF Oracle Developer Cloud Service new version supports #OracleADF 12c – hosted git, maven, hudson, tasks and more

clip_image006Lucas Jellema MDS backed change persistence for run time personalization remains a unique ADF feature: read my article https://technology.amis-12c-allow-user-to-personalize-the-form-items-at-run-time-using-mds-based-change-persistence/ …

clip_image007Sharat Countdown starts 1 week left to submit YOUR @java speaking proposal for @oracle @JavaOneConf

clip_image008ADF Community DE Next #ADFSpotlight gig, 3 Oracle #ACE presenters talking in a row.Don’t miss it and join @wlscommunity @soacommunity

clip_image009Oracle ACE Program #UKOUG Conference Call for Papers are open #ukoug_apps15 #ukoug_jde15 #ukoug_tech15

clip_image010Java Visit the #Java Booth at Jax Mainz this week and win a pass to #JavaOne in San Francisco


clip_image001[1]WebLogic Community free Java Cloud test accounts for partners – join our webcast April 24th 15:00 CET 2015

clip_image013Rohan ADF Logging in Different Applications Deployed on Managed Server … @oracleadf @wlscommunity @ashish__awasthi

clip_image014sbernhardt Don’t miss: Oracle Java Cloud Service Webinar, Friday 24th April @OC_WIRE @soacommunity @wlscommunity

clip_image006[1]Lucas Jellema 24th April: Oracle Java Cloud Service Community WebCast: … @soacommunity @wlscommunity

clip_image015Ashish Awasthi Build selectOneChoice to show hierarchical data in #ADF … @rohanwalia17 @wlscommunity @JDeveloper @OracleADF @oadfb

clip_image016Peter van Nes Creating graphs from Dynamic Monitoring Service (DMS) metrics using #plotlygraphs @wlscommunity #WebLogicCommunity

clip_image017Denis Grukhin Coherence: Explaining the 3 different cache types free online training с помощью @wlscommunity

clip_image018Oracle ADF Blogs Java Cloud Service Webcast April 24th 15:00 CET @wlscommunity #orcladf #odtug

clip_image019Charlie Bisnar Webinar: Learn how Java Meets the Challenges of the #ConnectedVehicle #M2M @Oracle @java REGISTER NOW

clip_image020Cesar Hernandez @Java Application Server Oracle WebLogic Server on Docker and Demo: via @Oracle



clip_image001OPN Business Center Now you can resell Oracle Java Cloud Service! See the requirements and get started! #Java

clip_image002[4]Gokhan Atil #UKOUG Conferences Call for Papers is now open #Apps15 #JDE15 #Tech15 @UKOUG #oracle

clip_image003JavaOne Conference Coding for Desktop and Mobile with HTML5 and Java EE 7 with #JavaOne Rock Star John Brock

clip_image004[4]Java Magazine RT @JavaOneConf: Do You Really Get Your IDE? with #JavaOne Rock Star John Arthorne @jarthorne

clip_image005Jaap Poot Creating and scaling Dynamic Clusters using wlst: In my previous article, Creating and scaling Dynamic Cluster…

clip_image006scope alliance e.V. Schon angemeldet? Das #DevCamp15 geht am 29./30. April in die zweite Runde #modernisierung #forms

clip_image007[4]Sten Vesterli I’m writing a book on working with TIA7 and Oracle ADF. Please vote for the best cover: …

clip_image008Bruno Borges Say hello to @RatpackWeb in #Javascript with the #Nashorn #Maven Executor …

clip_image009Δhmed Δboulnaga #Oracle #Cloud: Robust service offering. At the "Oracle Fusion Middleware in the Cloud" presentation. #C15LV #OFM


clip_image012[4]NetBeans Team NetBeans Connector available for free in Chrome Web Store — connect your IDE to your browser, quick and easy: https://chrome.gonetbeans-connector/hafdlehnaa …

clip_image013[4]Maarten Smeets New blog: Combine version control (SVN) and issue management (JIRA) to improve traceability


clip_image016Steven Davelaar Oracle A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator Release Now Available! #oraclemaf …

clip_image017[4]Rohan ADF BC Web Service – Return List of Complex Types http://rohanwalia.c-web-service-return-list-of.html … @wlscommunity @ashish__awasthi @JDeveloper @oadfb

clip_image018Markus Lohn "Java Cloud Highlights by Ancy Dow"

clip_image019Marcel van de Glind Blogpost: My first experiences with ThreadLogic to solve a performance issue … @soacommunity

clip_image020[4]OTNArchBeat Real-World Testing for Scalable Applications, by @MikaelFries #OTNVTS #free on-demand

clip_image020[5]OTNArchBeat Managing WebLogic and Deployed Applications in DMZ and Other Network Setups, by Martin Heinzel

clip_image003[1]JavaOne Conference Now live is Content Catalog for #JavaOneBR in Sao Paulo. Take a look at the sessions, tracks and keynotes #Java

clip_image020[6]OTNArchBeat Free Video Tutorial: #Coherence 12.1.3 New Features, from @Oracle_Edu

clip_image021AMIS, Oracle & Java Sneak preview van 3 #Oracle #Cloud Services zien? Kom naar @AMISnl op 23 april. Schrijf je in via


clip_image001[6]Bruno Borges .@NetBeans Day Brasil, dia 22 de Junho. +20 ingressos para Late Birds à disposição. Corre lá! …

clip_image002Andrejus Baranovskis Simple (Effective) Refresh Approach for ADF Regions

clip_image001[7]Bruno Borges My page at @ZEEFcom about curated material for @OracleCloudZone is now live. Go check it out!


clip_image005[6]Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! … Stories via @OTNArchBeat @JDeveloper @wlscommunity

clip_image006[6]Ashish Awasthi Show #jQuery notification message in Oracle #ADF … @wlscommunity @rohanwalia17 @JDeveloper @OracleADF @oadfb

clip_image007Jacco H. Landlust RT @wlscommunity: Avoiding Memory Leaks in Exalogic when using the SDP Support from JDK 1.7 by Ricardo Ferreira

clip_image008[4]Adam Bien Questions for the 13th Airhacks "Easter Edition" are published: … Last chance to ask! See you tomorrow! #airhacks #live

clip_image001[8]Bruno Borges Vem aí @NetBeans Day Brasil dia 22 de Junho, antes do @JavaOneBrasil. Inscreva-se e divulgue! …

clip_image009[4]Oracle #HappyEaster weekend!


clip_image012[6]Oracle Tech Network Registration Open – #OTN #VTS #JAVA20

clip_image013[6]Oracle Cloud Zone 5 reasons why #PaaS and #SaaS are perfect together:

clip_image014OTNArchBeat Quality Assurance with #JDeveloper 11g and 12c, by@wilfreddeijl and @RichardOlrichs

clip_image015OPN Business Center Join the #OPN webcast! Find more about program levels, resources and program benefits for you!


clip_image018[4]Java Visit San Francisco this fall. #JavaOne call for papers is now open #Java

clip_image002[1]Andrejus Baranovskis Indicator for Background REST Service Access with A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator

clip_image005[7]Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! http://paper.li7-11e4-a46b-0cc47a0d164b … Stories via @wlscommunity

clip_image024Wolfgang Weigend Critical Patch Update #Java SE 8u45 is available for download … and #Java SE 7u79 and Patch Set Update #JDK 7u80

clip_image005[1]Jaap Poot Creating and scaling Dynamic Clusters in Weblogic 12c: Introduced in Weblogic 12.1.2, dynamic clusters is a gr…

clip_image022Oracle Mobile How to implement iBeacon in MAF 2.1.1

clip_image023Bruno Borges Hey #Javascript developers! Want to try something cool in #Nashorn? Here’s an idea for you: …

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