Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2015 presentations and key announcements

clip_image002Thanks for an excellent Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2015! Special thanks for our excellent speakers for the great presentations and everybody to be a real community. With 175 attendees from all over Europe Middle East and Africa including friends across the world from US, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica. Once again the largest group with 25 attendees came from the Netherlands! In case you couldn’t come to Budapest make sure you read the blog post from the community:

· Recap of the Oracle Partner Community Forum XX by Robert van Mölken

· Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum XX by Jan van Zoggel

· Budapest Tales – Recapping an Unforgettable Fortnight at #ofmForum by Arturo Viveros

· #ofmForum 2015 in Budapest has rocked! by Andreas Koop

· Oracle SOA 12c Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum by Daniel Kampf

Thanks to the Community for the excellent articles! Feel free to send your article via twitter #ofmForum

Our key announcement includes the next phase of the Middleware ACT on campaign, Integration Success Workshop and the Cloud Platform for Digital Business Presentation


All presentations are available at the Community workspaces (community membership required – you get workspace access within a week)

ACT on Middleware Marketing Campaign and ICS & PCS pre-view events and Integration Success Workshops

We continue to offer our Fusion Middleware Innovation and Consolidation marketing campaign. Additional we offer Integration Cloud Service (ICS) and Process Cloud Service (PCS) pre-view events for your customers. The goal is to continue to grow our joint middleware pipeline, therefore please use campaign code “EMEAPM14050901MPP002C001” for any new opportunities.

We would like to encourage you to run Integration Success Workshop for all your existing SOA Suite customers to upsell more services  http://tinyurl.com/soaisw

Marketing Services: Promote your events, services and solutions! Events.Oracle.com & Solutions Catalog & Cloud Marketplace

SOA & BPM marketing: ACTon marketing campaign: Overview presentation & Campaign kit & Pre-Sales kit and additional SOA Campaigns & BPM Campaigns

WebLogic & ADF marketing: ACTon marketing campaign Overview presentation & Campaign kit and additional Campaigns iAs to WebLogic campaign kit & WebLogic 12.1.2 workshop

If you are a SOA Specialized and committed to invite your customers please contact:

• PCS pre-view events please contact christophe.claude.peytier@oracle.com

• ICS pre-view events please contact yogesh.sontakke@oracle.com

• Integration Success Workshop: all material here http://tinyurl.com/soaisw

Sales Digital transformation presentation

Cloud Platform for Digital Business Presentation

Make sure you update your customers on Enabling Digital Leadership:

  • clip_image004Digital Experience
  • Business Agility
  • Digital Connect
  • Immediate Reactions
  • Digital Identity

Sales kits including:  Sales plays & cheat sheets & Presentations (ppt format) &    Live demos – virtual box / hosted demo system &    Oracle Customer Visitor Centers, are available at our Community workspaces: SOA & BPM and WebLogic and ADF

Align with Oracle Middleware sales team (contact your Oracle partner manager). Register your opportunities in the Open Market Model Please use campaign code “EMEAPM14050901MPP002C001”. We highly recommend to register any opportunities specially cloud based opportunities, where is reselling is only available by one off approvals.

Pre-Sales: Integration Success Workshops and Oracle Demo Systems GSE

Integration Success Workshops

• Goal: discover new opportunities at your customers

• Call to Action: Run at all your existing customers

•  Available today http://tinyurl.com/soaISW

GSE Demo System

Oracle Demonstration Services provides demonstration environments to qualified Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) members, allowing partners to leverage the competitive advantages of Oracle’s technology and applications products. Environments are offered for the purpose of delivering demonstrations and training on Oracle’s technology, applications, and cloud products. Get a demo account here.

Additional GSE demo material is available at our SOA & BPM Workspace: Platform & Integration Cloud Service & Process Cloud Service

Certification free vouchers

We offer all SOA & BPM & WebLogic Partner Community members free vouchers for implementation assessments and free training material (based on availability):

If you’d like to get a free voucher please proof of your knowledge by sending us a screenshot of your pre-sales certificate:

· ADF 12c PreSales Specialist

· BPM Suite 11g PreSales Specialist

· SOA Suite 12c Presales Specialist

· WebLogic Server 12c PreSales Specialist

– Free of charge at the OPN Competency Center https://competencycenter.oracle.com (including free online training).

To request the free voucher please send an e-mail with the screenshot to your local enablement manager including your Name, Company, E-mail, Country and the subject SOA free voucher! (limited to partners from Europe Middle East and Africa) Vouchers request should be submitted by April 25th 2015. Vouchers are valid until May 5th 2015 (based on local availability and dates, please check for local test fests!).

Frank Lauer                                     Overall Contact frank.lauer@oracle.com
Yves van Looy                                 BeLux        yves.van.looy@oracle.com
Jean-Jacques Panissi,                     France jean-jacques.panissie@oracle.com
Sabina Rieger                                  Germany sabina.rieger@oracle.com
Luca Maghernino                            Italy luca.maghernino@oracle.com
Anne Hornborg                               Nordics anne.hornborg@oracle.com
Claudia Costa                                  Portugal claudia.costa@oracle.com
Ana Maria Gallego                           Spain anamaria.gallego@oracle.com
Ishacq Nada                                    UK ishacq.nada@oracle.com

Get your local Training plan! Please contact also your local enablement manager above and read the community newsletters for the next training www.oracle.com/goto/emea/soa !

Connect & network & share & learn & certify

WebLogic    clip_image005 Blog  & clip_image006 Twitter & clip_image007 Facebook

SOA & BPM clip_image005[1] Blog & clip_image006[1] Twitter & clip_image007[1] Facebook

Send us your blog posts and articles via twitter #soaCommunity #WebLogicCommunity or e-mail and we will publish them in the community newsletter or OTN!


First impressions of the Community Forum are available at our Facebook pages – share yours! SOA Community Facebook page and WebLogic Community Facebook page

Twitter highlights #ofmForum

clip_image002clip_image003Vikas Anand Thank you #soaCommunity for the amazing #ofmForum !

clip_image004Jon petter hjulstad Back in Oslo after a tremendous #ofmForum@soacommunity is the best community!

clip_image005VLAD BABU #ofmForum Heading to the airport! Fantastic event! Great to see ex EPC colleagues Monica Bratu & Cosmin Tudor

clip_image006Mark Simpson Thanks @soacommunity for a great event. Great sessions, great discussions, great venue and most of all, great host. See you next time.

clip_image008Debra Lilley @soacommunity thankyou for a great event looking forward to the bootcamps tomorrow this is the best A&C community #ofmForum

clip_image010Robert van MölkenMissed the #ofmForum this year. Read my recap of the conference – http://bit.ly/ofmForumXXrecap – I will remember it for a long time! @soacommunity

clip_image011Yogesh Sontakke Thank you @soacommunity & Budapest for an enjoyable and productive #ofmForum . The best partner community by far!

clip_image012Luis Augusto Weir Best #ofmForum ever. Awesome week thanks @soacommunity and all OFM PMs and all @oracleace that presented for such a good work!! Now to rest

clip_image003[1]Vikas Anand Good bye Budapest: amazing #ofmForum ! #soaCommunity : you are the best!


clip_image015Danilo Schmiedel You @soacommunity and @VikasAatOracle should get an award for outstanding community support! Thanks! #ofmForum

clip_image016olivier tordo 2 intense and inspiring days at #ofmForum . Long life to this great community!

clip_image017Marinus Snyman Did not get a chance to THANK U for a great event in person; in a age of digital disruption Twitter is just as good #ofmforum

Thanks to all partners investing a week to continue to grow our joint business.

Thanks for an excellent Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2015! Jürgen Kress

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: http://www.oracle.com/partners/goto/wls-emea ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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