Working with af:iterator and af:forEach programmatically (Populate values using POJO from Managed Bean) by Ashish Awasthi


clip_image001This is another post about Working programmatically with ADF (populating af:iterator and af:forEach programmatically )
previously i have posted about populating af:iterator and af:forEach using ADF BC and binding layer to show master-detail relation
Implementing master/detail tree relation using af:Iterator and af:forEach for better UI designs – Oracle ADF
For this post i am populating employee name and it’s department name using List datastructure ,to get and set value of attributes , created a java bean class , it has 2 variable for both attributes
Next step is to create a managed bean to populate data in af:iterator and af:forEach , this managed bean makes use of


java bean class to add data in same format for all items of iterator and forEach. A List data structure is used to pass all values to iterator. See code of managed bean  Read the complete article here.

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