IFrame in ADF Application – Menu and Show Page in IFrame by Rohan Walia


ADF Applications uses power of reusable task flows to be embed as regions in the page, which can be refreshed based on the use cases.
But there are some requirements by the clients which still emphasize on using Iframe to display different applications inside one application.
Suppose there is a requirement where there are 3 applications A,B and Consuming Application. All three applications A,B and Consuming needs to be deployed as separate EAR(Applications) and Consuming App needs to display the A and B Applications pages inside its main page.
Portal architecture can also fit for this requirement but if there is only ADF you need to implement this, the only choice to do is using Iframe.
In this post I will explain you how we can create a menu and show another application in IFrame in ADF Application.
We will use af:inlineFrame component to achieve this. Below is the use case.

The above diagram is for consuming application and Links in the menu (TestPage1 and TestPage2) refers to another application and the pages on click will open in right hand side inside Iframe.
Lets get started.
Created an ADF Application which has two pages. This will be deployed before the Iframe Application. Read the complete article here.


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One comment

  1. Hi Rohan,
    But as far as security is considered usually Iframe are not recommended to be used?. Any other approach we can use other than iFrame?.

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