ADF Performance Monitor: Measuring Network Time to Browser and Browser Load Time by Frank Houweling


clip_image002Recently we added a great new feature to the ADF Performance Monitor: network and browser load time information. Now you know exactly every end-user experience of your ADF application, in real-time. You can quickly resolve any performance bottlenecks with this end-to-end visibility. You can even drill down into an individual user to analyze the experience – to understand the ADF app behavior. The dashboard is improved with several overview and detail graphs that shows the layer (database, webservice, application server, network/browser loadtime) where the time is spent of your application. This is very useful to troubleshoot problems.

The ADF Performance Monitor is an advanced tool specifically build for ADF applications and is aware of the intricacies of the ADF framework. It traces key ADF actions across tiers and services to provide end-to-end visibility and automatically maps each tier to easily visualize the relationship between them. This Tracing provides deep visibility into the cause of application performance issues down to the tiniest detail. Click here for more information.

Network Time and Browser Load Time

Network time is the time that it takes to send a HTTP request from a browser (http request network time) to the application server and from the application server back to the browser (http response network time). The browser loadtime is the time that a browser needs to build up the DOM tree and load the page. Read the complete article here.

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