ADF Logging in Different Applications Deployed on Managed Server by Rohan Walia


clip_image002There are many detailed useful blogs on ADF Logging which provide full details on understanding the details and how to implement and configure it.
This post is for my future reference as how to enable/configure ADF Logging for multiple applications deployed on Weblogic Managed Server.
Use Case : Enable ADF Logging for multiple applications deployed on Weblogic Managed Server.
Lets Get Started.
Important thing to understand here is that for ADF Logging to be implemented correctly Package Structure for the application plays a very important role. So as a common/best practice , package structures should be defined correctly for all the Managed Beans/Java Classes in the application. Also packages structures should be able to differentiate the ManagedBeans/Java Classes in different applications.
Ideally a unique root package name for the application should be given at project creation time in Jdeveloper.

Ok lets start implementing.
Created two ADF Applications. PayRollApp and PartnerApp. Both applications have below mentioned root packages.
PayRollApp :
PartnerApp : com.comapny.partner
Created a PartnerTest.jspx in PartnerApp having a button which has an actionListener method which logs the log messages.
Read the complete article here.

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