Java Cloud Service and Oracle OpenWorld Highlights Webcast Wednesday, September 9th

Build better apps – faster, smarter, and more efficiently with
Java Cloud Service

Java Cloud Service and Oracle OpenWorld Highlights
Wednesday, September 9th @ 9:00AM – 10:00AM
(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)



As customers look to new opportunities to increase agility and improve efficiencies by adopting public cloud infrastructures, one thing that is common about their existing and planned applications is the use of Java as a foundational platform. With cloud growing exponentially there is a natural question businesses are asking: what is the solution that businesses can depend on for a reliable, scalable, agile Java cloud solution for their applications? Can it scale and handle mission critical workloads? Will it work with enterprise class database cloud software?


Oracle Cloud Platform has invested deeply in the area of Java applications and has built out a full solution in the Java Cloud Service which includes enterprise class Java capabilities that enables easy onboarding of existing applications and a fast agile platform for new applications. Built in integration with the Oracle Database Cloud Service and a full continuous integration and deployment solution with the Oracle Developer Cloud Service, means real business critical applications can be easily brought to or built on this platform.


· Openness and Portability Across the Board

· Cloud Environments Ready in Minutes

· Performance, Scalability and Reliability at your Fingertips

· Enterprise – Grade Cloud for Any Business

Oracle OpenWorld

We will wrap up this webcast with an overview of Oracle Cloud Platform and Oracle Fusion Middleware at Oracle OpenWorld 2015. We will highlight key messages and announcements, and review the keynote, general sessions and session tracks. Don’t miss this update to help you make the most of your time at the biggest Oracle event of the year!


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