Mobile and Mobile Cloud Service hands-on workshop at Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum March 20116

ofmForum2016 bannerDuring the Fusion Middleware & PaaS Partner Community Forum 2016 you can attend Mobile and Mobile Cloud Service hands-on workshop.

A successful mobile business is like an iceberg on open sea. Only the smallest portion of a mobile application resides on the mobile device where it renders the visual user interface and executes the client logic. The bigger part, and the heavy lifting, is hidden as infrastructure services on remote servers where it performs tasks like providing mobile optimized APIs, integrate remote SOAP and REST services, manage mobile users for an application or use case, store content and similar common mobile tasks. On the public cloud, infrastructure that provides the mobile backend to mobile applications is referred to as MbaaS (Mobile backend as a Service).  Oracle Mobile Cloud Service is the MbaaS solution by Oracle. For the Oracle Fusion Middleware Forum (OFM) 2016, the Mobile Product Management team offers a  2 day training on Oracle MCS. Beside of learning all about Oracle MCS, attendees will have the opportunity to try and experience Oracle MCS in a hands-on workshop using the Oracle MCS Cloud portal UI, Google Postman, Curl and Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF). This training enables you to use Oracle MCS in your own mobile projects and provides all information you need to know to immediately get started.
The following topics (not necessarily in the same order) are covered in sessions and hands-on practices during the OFM Forum:

Rough outline of topics
- Mobile roles and responsibilities
- Oracle MCS overview
- MCS Cloud architecture
- MCS subscription
- MCS portal UI
- Functional areas
- Mobile Backend
- Analytics
- Remote Service integration
- Technologies
- REST for Beginners
- Basics
- Node.js for Beginners
- Detail looks at Oracle MCS mobile services
- User management
- Storage
- Notification
- Analytics
- Custom api
- Connectors
- Database (REST access in custom API)
- Security
- MCS programming
- Node.js sample
- REST access to MCS APIs
- How to use MAF to access MCS
- MCS Utilities
- Android and iOS Client SDK


Grant Ronald, Director of Product Management
Frank Nimphius, Senior Principal Product Manager
Mireille Duroussaud, Senior Principal Product Manager

For details please visit our registration page here.

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