Running WebLogic 12.2.1 on Docker by Craig Barr


clip_image001It’s a sign of the times when Oracle mention that the latest version (12.2.1) of their Oracle WebLogic Java EE Application Server was released last week on Docker shortly before it was released as a plain old executable installer.

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But before you get too excited, let me just say one thing. If you were hoping to run something like this:

docker run -d oracle/weblogic:12.2.1

…and then, voilà! …you might be a tad bit underwhelmed.

Now don’t get me wrong, you can run WebLogic 12.2.1 on Docker containers and it works well, some might say very well. All of the WebLogic Server features are available in the container AND… you’ve got the added portability and flexibility that Docker brings. There is however, dare I say, more hoops to jump through then you’ve come to expect from the Docker experience. Let me explain.

As anyone who is familiar with Docker knows, running a container is as simple as “docker run “. Basically, this one command will search locally for the docker machine image and if not found, it will securely pull it down from the internet. Then, it will start it up in seconds (or less), ready for accepting requests. Simple right?!

The user experience built by Docker around the existing linux container technology is basically one of the many reasons Docker containers are becoming increasingly popular. But more so, if DevOps and Continuous Delivery is about eliminating wasteful activities in order to innovate faster, Docker-based containers is the epitome of this. When it comes to Docker, the value-added time is almost equal to the elapsed-time. An actual realisation of the speed to market promises from the DevOps movement. Read the complete article here.

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