Declarative Web User Interface Development by the Citizen Developer – Introducing the Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service by Lucas Jellema


clip_image002The Citizen Developer – also known as the Line of Business user – is the non-technical but still somewhat IT-savvy member of a business department. She may configure web surveys, create macros in Excel spreadsheets, perform complex data analysis or maintain a departmental web site. She does things that touch upon the responsibilities of the corporate IT department, probably knows some people in that department to consult with and she may want to do even more. Gartner identified the citizen developer a few years ago and Oracle has identified her as a persona it wants to cater for with the public cloud.

The Process Cloud Service allows the citizen developer to design, run and manage simple human workflows. Document Cloud Service and Social Network are available to share and collaborate on documents; they both are integrated with the Process Cloud Service. Simple SaaS-2-SaaS integrations can be configured with the Integration Cloud Service. With Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service, the citizen developer can play ‘data detective’ on data uploaded from Excel spreadsheets and with Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service, some similar slice-and-dice actions can be done on big data stored on Hadoop.

Two cloud services allow the citizen developer to create an interactive application. The MCS (Mobile Cloud Service) provides the Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX for friends) feature that can be used to declaratively compose a MAF mobile app. The Application Builder Cloud Service (ABCS) allows our line of business user to develop a web application in a declarative manner. ABCS hosts the application, does access management, manages custom data objects and takes care of interactions with REST services. As Oracle puts it on :” Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service enables business users with no previous programming experience to rapidly create web and mobile apps, minimizing dependence on IT departments and reducing infrastructure costs.” In order to create a new web application – hosted by ABCS – one has to go through the following steps: Read the complete article here.

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