Presentations & follow-up Fusion Middleware & PaaS EMEA Partner Community Forum 2016

In case you had the opportunity to attend the conference in Valencia – THANKS it’s a great investment to spend almost a week in Valencia to get trained & learn the latest on Fusion Middleware 12c and PaaS and network & share with partners and speakers. Special thanks for our excellent speakers for the great presentations and everybody to be a real community. In case you could not make it to Valencia make sure you get most of the presentations and training material at our community workspace here (membership required).

As a follow-up we would like to invite you to:

  • Write a blog post about the conference
  • Share the conference presentations
  • Run a training for your whole team
  • Run a workshop with your customers
  • Build a PaaS demo


Most presentations and some of the workshop material is available at the Community workspaces (community membership required – you get workspace access within a week)

Community feedback

Thanks to the community for the excellent blog posts about the conference: Sven Bernhard  and Andreas Chatzintiniou and Michel van Zoest and SOA mythbuster and Ruben Rodriguez and Robert van Molken and Rolando Carrasco and Debra Lilley and ACEs comment on #ofmForum 2016.

Demo Systems – PaaS & Fusion Middleware 12c

Oracle Demonstration Services provides demonstration environments to qualified Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) members, allowing partners to leverage the competitive advantages of Oracle’s technology and applications products. Environments are offered for the purpose of delivering demonstrations and training on Oracle’s technology, applications, and cloud products. Get a demo account here.

Via the partner communities we offer free shared PaaS demo services:

· Integration Cloud Service & Process Cloud Service & SOA Cloud Service PaaS Demo Accounts  (Community membership required)

· Java Cloud Service & Application Cloud Container & Mobile Cloud Service PaaS Demo Accounts (Community membership required)

You can also request your own PaaS instance, please login to and click on instant. Here you can request an immediate PaaS and Fusion Middleware 12c sandbox environment.

The ACE team PaaS showcase is available via github here – thanks Lucas & Team!

Connect & network & share & learn & certify

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Send us your blog posts and articles via twitter #soaCommunity #WebLogicCommunity or e-mail and we will publish them in the community newsletter or OTN!


First impressions of the Community Forum are available at our Facebook pages – share yours!

SOA Community Facebook page

WebLogic Community Facebook page

Project 10.000- Community membership & invite your colleagues

If you enjoyed the Community Forum – make sure you invite your colleagues to join the Community!

(OPN account required) If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center. We want to grow our partner communities to 10.000+ members your support is highly welcome!


You can also post your questions in the community discussion forums:

Day I Tuesday March 15th 2016

Welcome & Introduction

Jürgen Kress

Keynote Alliance & Channel

Alistair Hopkins

PaaS & Middleware Keynote

Ed Zou

SOA Suite 12c & cloud platform

Vikas Anand

Your BPM Business in the Cloud

Cesare Rotundo

Next-Generation Application Development

Grant Ronald

Community Awards

Jürgen Kress

Day II Wednesday March 18th 2016

Live hacking in the PaaS Cloud

Lucas Jellema & ACEs

Infrastructure as a Service

Shishir Agarwal

Closing remarks

Jürgen Kress

SOA & Integration & SOA Cloud Service track

SOA 12.2 and beyond

Robert Wunderlich & Lucas Jellema

API Platform Cloud Service & API Design with Apiary

Vikas Anand, Darko Vukovic

iPaaS – ICS and SOA CS

Vikas Anand & Yogesh Sontakke

Microservices and Integration

Robert Wunderlich

BPM & Process Cloud Service & User experience track

Which opportunities fit for BPM & PCS

Barry O Reilley

Process Cloud Service Version II

Chris Peytier

Hardening PCS

Ralf Müller

PaaS4SaaS & eProseed showcase

Ultan O’Broin & Lonneke

Mobile & IoT track

Internet of Things (IoT) & HCL – ServiSMART for Predictive Maintenance

Simon Nicholson & Luis Weir

How-to Access MCS from Mobile Apps

Frank Nimphius

Extending ADF Applications to Cloud

Frank Nimphius

JET and Websockets

Andrejus Baranovskis

WebLogic & Engineered Systems track

DevOps in the Cloud

Ewan Slater

WebLogic multitenancy on Cloud part 1

Maciej Gruszka

WebLogic multitenancy on Cloud part 2

Maciej Gruszka

JCS & ACC & Public Cloud Server

Maciej Gruszka

Conference Program Fusion Middleware & PaaS Partner Community Forum 2016 XXII

Integration sales cafe Thrasos Thrasyvoulou

MCS Workshop

Hybrid BPM PCS Labs

PaaS Bootcamp

IoT Workshop

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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