Advanced WebLogic Monitoring: Develop JMX MBeans and Automate with WLSDM Metric Actions


This tutorial is prepared for Advanced WebLogic Admclip_image002[4]inistration and Automation. Setting up internal JMX MBean objects are the “best and ultimate practice” for applications’ monitoring infrastructure.


1. How to develop and register JMX MBean to Oracle WebLogic Server?

2. How to check SERVER disk space by using JMX MBean on WebLogic?

3. How to define WLSDM User Defined Metric Actions?

4. How to delete or move Application logs automatically when given threshold exceeds for disc usage on SERVER?

Problem: The application which is deployed to Oracle WebLogic Server 12c (12.1.3) is increasing server disk space continuously and in peak times it makes the server disk usage 100%. Meanwhile, the service goes down and causes the service down-time.


1. Develop JMX MBeans which check server disk usage (JMX StandardMBean)

2. Create alarm and notify when the disk usage is over 95% (JMX MBean Monitoring – UsedDiskSpace)

3. Create “User Defined Metric Action” on WLSDM which is targeted to “delete or move application logs”

4. Couple “FreeDiskSpace or UsedDiskSpace WebLogic JMX MBean” and “ClearLogs Metric Action”

5. When FreeDiskSpace percentage lower than given threshold, “ClearLogs” metric action would be triggered by WLSDM and all application logs would be deleted automatically. That means “NO Down-time” with advanced WebLogic monitoring and automation. Read the complete article here.

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