What’s New in Oracle JET 2.0.0 by John ‘Jb’ Brock



Open Source! Open Source! Open Source!

Did we say that we’ve open sourced Oracle JET?  We have!

What else is new in this release besides the license change?

Command Line Interface (CLI)

We have produced a new Yeoman generator for creating new applications as quickly as possible.  You can create new web and mobile hybrid applications using the generator.

Grunt is also used to provide both build and serve tasks for the web and for mobile hybrid apps targeting both Android and iOS.

Please reference the Developers Guide for a complete command reference for Web development and Mobile Hybrid development

Mobile Hybrid support

It is now easier than ever to develop and build mobile hybrid applications with Oracle JET.

New components that are most commonly used on mobile devices are now available, like:

  • ListView with swipe to reveal

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