What’s New for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service


What’s New in Mobile Cloud Service?

As soon as new and changed features become available, cloud tools for managing Oracle Mobile Cloud instances are upgraded in the data centers where Oracle Cloud services are hosted. You don’t need to request an upgrade to be able to use the new features—they come to you automatically.

16.2.3 (V2.0) Service Update

Empower your business users to build their own mobile apps with Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX). As long as the underlying APIs are created according to a set of pre-defined patterns, folks in HR, Finance, and other non-technical roles can build mobile apps without ever having to write a line of code. Start here.

Need some mobile apps to manage timecard entries and other HR tasks? No need to build them yourself. MCS provides some pre-built, self-service apps that bring key E-Business Suite data to all your mobile devices. If you want them, just download them from the MCS user interface.

Here’s what V2.0 brings mobile app developers:

· Want to make your apps location-aware? Now you can define points of interest and query those points using the Location Platform API. With the Location API, you’ll know where your users are so you can send them vital information right when they need it, to keep your customers firmly engaged. The Location chapter tells you how to use Location in your mobile apps.

· Let your mobile users log on to your apps using their Microsoft Azure Active Directory credentials. You’ll find what you need to know here.

If you’re a service developer, check out these new features:

· Version 1.1 brought you the ability to export and import artifacts across MCS instances through a set of APIs. 16.2.3 makes working with these artifacts (called “packages”) a whole lot easier, thanks to a brand new user interface. See the chapter on Packages for more information.

· To facilitate your PaaS and SaaS integration projects, we’ve added OAuth and JWT token policies for REST connectors, to help make identify propagation easier. Security Policies for REST Connectors contains the reference information you’ll need. Read the complete article here.

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: http://www.oracle.com/partners/goto/wls-emea ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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