JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) Developing Applications with Oracle JET


clip_image002Using the Oracle JET framework and third-party tools, you can package and publish your hybrid application to the Google Play or Apple App stores.


· Packaging Hybrid Mobile Applications

· Publishing Hybrid Mobile Applications

Packaging Hybrid Mobile Applications

You can package your hybrid mobile application using the grunt build:release command for each platform that your hybrid mobile application will support. You must also sign the application before you can deploy it.

Perform the following tasks for each platform that your hybrid mobile application supports.

1. Change to the root directory and issue the grunt build:release command with the desired platform type.

2. grunt build:release –platform={ios|android}

The command will take some time to complete. When it’s successful, you’ll see the following message: Done, without errors.

The command will also output the name and location of the unsigned application in platforms/android or platforms/ios.

3. Create a buildConfig.json file to specify how to code sign your application.

The steps to code sign your application and create the buildConfig.json file vary by platform.

· iOS: iOS Shell Tool Guide

· Android: Android Shell Tool Guide

4. Rebuild the application and specify the path and name of the buildConfig.json file.

Read the tutorial here.

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