Running Node.JS Apps and "Fat-JAR" Apps on Application Container Cloud Service by Andreas Koop


With the trend of container technologies going on it is great to see Oracle is providing the so called Application Container Cloud Service. Its current architecture is based on Docker and allows to run Java SE and Node.js applications in its current version. See the the following diagram

The Load Balancing, dockerizing and scaling is fully transparent. From developer perspective you are deploying a ZIP containing a manifest.json with a command property that states what should be executed once the deployment has been installed on the specific container.
In the following figure you see the overview screen of Application Container Cloud service (ACC).

clip_image003Next lets create an app and deploy it to ACC. For Java SE lets see how that manifest.json looks like

Java SE App

The important properties are runtime / majorVersion and command. It states that the deployment needs Java 8. The application is started with the given "java -jar …" command. Currently two working samples are provided, one works with embedded Tomcat the other works with Grizzly Http Server. Here is how a typical class would look like. Read the complete article here.

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