Introduction to IaaS for Middleware solutions by Niall Commiskey


So why would the SOA/ BPM community be interested in such? Read on and you will find out.

IaaS offers us elastic compute, elastic storage and network services. This allows you to run any workload in the cloud, cheaply and performantly. Essentially what we are offering is a software defined virtualized data center in the Oracle cloud. I have begun a series of blog posts to introduce this service to the community.

The first post introduces IaaS and its terminology

It also introduces Oracle’s Public Cloud Machine, which gives you all the advantages of Oracle Public Cloud, albeit behind your firewall. After reading this post, you will be generally au fait with the concepts.

The second post details how to create IaaS resources

Here we see how easy it is to do this with the Compute Cloud console. Effectively, all we need to do is reserve an ip address, create storage and finally the Linux vm. All of the steps covered can, of course, be automated – a feature covered later.

Posts three and four cover Networking. The former,

goes through the basics of configuring network access to a vm. The latter, covers setting up networking between two vms. Here I detail how to open port 23 for tcp communication.

The fifth post, details how to add additional storage to a running instance, while the sixth post, details the rapid provisioning of IaaS resources through orchestration. Essentially, I show how to script the whole setup, covered in the previous posts.

So, again, why is this interesting for the SOA/BPM community? Because you can offer your customers many services around IaaS.
From lift and shift, to run and manage, there are many opportunities for you out there.
So, as the Romans were wont to say, Carpe Diem!

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