Workshop Guide: WebLogic Docker Multi Host on GitHub by Bruno Borges



Background Knowledge Required / Suggested

  • WebLogic Architecture
  • WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST)
  • Linux

Feature Overview

Docker is a platform that enables users to build, package, ship and run distributed applications. Docker users package up their applications, and any dependent libraries or files, into a Docker image. Docker images are portable artifacts that can be distributed across Linux environments. Images that have been distributed can be used to instantiate containers where applications can run in isolation from other applications running in other containers on the same host operating system. Docker 1.9 introduced the overlay network, this provides the ability to network together containers running in different hosts or VM.

Workshop Overview

As part of the Docker Multi-Host Workshop, in this document you will see how to create a WebLogic domain with servers running in Docker containers distributed in different VMs. In this Docker environment the WebLogic servers running in the cluster have all the HA properties of a WebLogic Server cluster like session replication, singleton service migration to name two. We will create two Docker images using the WebLogic install image and WebLogic domain image created in the previous workshop. We will use a couple of custom Dockerfiles, the WebLogic domain image will be extended to create an application image. We will use some Docker tools to help us in the creation of this environment Docker Machine, Docker Swarm, Consul, Docker Overlay Network, and Registry. The Docker Machine will start a Virtual Box with the Docker Engine running inside. Every Docker Machine will participate in a Docker Swarm cluster which are all networked with the Docker Overlay network. The Registry allows us to push our images and then very easily from outside the VM using scripts run containers from these images. All this will be achieved using custom scripts and Dockerfiles.

Requirements / Prerequisites

  • Computer with 8GB RAM and 2-4 cores
  • VirtualBox 4.2.4+
  • Linux VM with Docker 1.9+ and Git installed


  • Allocate at least 4GB RAM to the VM, if not more
  • Allocate at least 2 cores to the VM, if not more


Get Oracle Docker Images

This lab document assumes you have created the WebLogic 12.2.1 Install image and the WebLogic Domain Image as described in the workshop. Feel free to use any location you prefer. Get the workshop material here.

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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