Announcing Mobile Cloud Service V2.1


I am excited to announce the availability of MCS 2.1. Our goal with MCS is to help build

BETTER apps FASTER. We continue towards our goal with this release of MCS 2.1.

Simplify building Mobile Apps to Oracle Fusion Apps (FA) with the Fusion


One of MCS main differentiators is our ability to seamlessly connect to external APIs with built-in end to end security. Today, we are announcing the availability of the FA connector that simplifies browsing and consuming Fusion Applications instances with declarative security, letting users sign in to Fusion Applications using SSO. Fusion Application connector enables developers to browse and consume Fusion-based SaaS instances, such as Oracle HCM, Oracle SCM and Oracle CRM. Building, Mashing and shaping a data collection from feature-rich Fusion App Instances with easy to use wizards. The Fusion Application connector enhances time to market and makes secure backend development a breeze.

Increase Engagement by sending Push Notifications to external


Now you have the ability to send push notifications to mobile users who are on a third party identity provider or LDAP outside Oracle Cloud. These users do not need to be imported into the Shared Identity Management (SIM) infrastructure used by Oracle Mobile Cloud Service.

MAX Enhanced

Mobile Application Accelerator continues to be a game changer for non- developers to build mobile apps without

writing any code. We continue to enhance MAX with the addition of the following features:

• Personalize your app by adding corporate or department logo at the top of the screens.

• Adding a status meter above screen’s lists, fields, tabs, or pages

• Add actions for tasks or behaviors specific to a task

• Add a search field to the List component to help users find items using a full or partial match.

• Layout options in MAX now includes a Card component that you can use wherever you need a small container to display visual component along with some text.

Export Analytics Data

With MCS 2.1, you can now export the analytics data collected from the mobile applications to your BI tool of choice. We have also enhanced purging artifacts, now you can see upstream and downstream dependencies in details and purge with confidence. Our analytics package now has an option to delete older analytics data saving you some space. You can now download large log files with upto 10000 log records for further analysis with your homegrown tools.

New Tutorial: Building Mobile Apps with JET

Connect to MCS Through the JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) and learn how to use JET with MCS by creating a simple mobile app, then using JET code snippets to connect to MCS. JET with MCS.

For more information please visit the MCS website here.

At the WebLogic Community workspace you can find MCS details here (Membership required)

For MCS trials please visit the blog post here.

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