Application Container Cloud, Oracle JET, and NetBeans IDE (Part 1) by Geertjan


At the AMIS Conference in Katwijk, the Netherlands, I attended a hackathon yesterday and learned a lot from my colleague Shaun Smith, who is the Oracle product manager working on Application Container Cloud Service (ACCS).

What I wanted to achieve was this—create an Oracle JET application that renders data made available by an application running on ACCS. Here’s Shaun and I setting up my environment and deploying an application to it:

In the end, we got everything working:

  • We have a Node.js application running on my instance of ACCS.
  • Using REST, it exposes underlying data.
  • The data is consumed in an Oracle JET application.

Here’s the simple UI of the Oracle JET application. What’s nice about it is that it consists of three different modules and that the table is defined by the Oracle JET "ojTable" component.

Here’s the definition of the HTML view of the JET module that provides the ojTable:

<table id="table"
       data-bind="ojComponent: {
   component: 'ojTable',
      data: datasource,
      columns: [
            {headerText: 'Problem',  field: 'problem'},
            {headerText: 'Description',  field: 'description'},
            {headerText: 'Status',  field: 'status'},
            {headerText: 'Address',  field: 'formattedAddress'}

…and here’s the JavaScript side providing the business logic of the HTML view shown above: Read the complete article here.

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