Apple iMac 27inch 5K Retina Display: i5 vs. i7 >> Performance Comparison via Oracle WebLogic by M.Fevzi Korkutata


Yes, the result is obvious and you can say that there is no need to compare them. But, let’s do a deep Middleware analyse and calculate price/cost/performance results.

First of all I have decided to buy a new all in one PC. Normally I use Microsoft Windows PC for my daily business work and quite satisfied with Windows 10. But this PC would be my second PC with the purpose of using at home for my personal researches and developments. So I decided to use MAC OS X at this time. Then visited Apple Store and checked iMac 27inch 5K all in one PC. There are different configuration offers for this PC. At the beginning I thought “This would be my second PC and there is no need to buy the best configuration”. Apple Genius told me, If you want to buy a customised configuration you have to wait about one month” After all, I bought the beginner and cheaper configuration which was “3.2 GHz i5, 1TB Serial ATA Drive, 8GB Memory”.

And then my iMac 27inch 5K Display performance test journey had been started. After the first JSL performance result I changed my mind immediately and gave back “iMac i5″ to Apple store because of weak performance. We can say that WebLogic and JSL (Java Server Loader) performance results on “iMac i5″ changed my opinion for using i5. Now I am using “iMac 4.0 GHz i7″ and this one has a remarkable performance test results and I am really satisfied with the current performance. Yes, I’ve paid additional cost, but I am totally happy with the result and it’s profitable for long term usage. If you’re deciding to buy a new PC think twice and don’t waste your money for long term. If you’re planing to use iMac for your business (I’m using for Java IDE’s, Application Servers, SOA Tools..) the i5 choice is not at your league. Read the complete article here.

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