Mobilization and Oracle Forms Nordics Roadshow by Grant Ronald



Oracle Forms, as technology, underpins tens of thousands of applications across the globe and in particular in the Nordic region if you pay tax, use the railways, eat fish, use a phone, transport goods by truck, book into a hotel or even if you furnish your home with particular brand of popular furniture then in all likelihood there is an Oracle Forms system keeping that business running.

Whilst we all recognize the importance of stable data-driven enterprise applications we can’t fail to recognize that mobile devices dominate our personal lives; and through a process of osmosis, those mobile demands are more and more finding their way into our day-to-day Enterprise IT systems.

So what might mobile IT bring to the party? Could you improve your business by taking your current, traditional processes out of the back office and into the hands of users at the point they need it? Can you still use the IT assets and services that underpin your core business, but surface them to users in a modern mobile user experience? What are the components of a successful mobile strategy?

I’m pleased to confirm that the Oracle User Groups in Denmark and Finland will be hosting me speaking at dedicated events in November on Mobile, on how you can reuse existing IT assets such as Oracle Forms. Each session will explore the mobile "art of the possible" and introduce the technologies that underpin a successful mobile architecture. The agenda will follow:

  • User Group Introduction
  • Oracle Forms State of the Union (Michael Ferrante, via webinar)
  • Why Mobile is Important
  • Oracle Forms and Mobile: The art of the possible
  • Building a successful mobile architecture
  • Customer stories
  • Open discussion and Q&A

The roadshow will continue in the new year (January) with events in Sweden and Norway. To register to attend this event, please click the link below.

  • 29th November, DOUG, Denmark, Oracle Ballerup
  • 30th November, OUGF, Finland, Radisson Blue Seaside Hotelli, Helsinki


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