Announcing Mobile Cloud Service v3.1 available including free MCS trial accounts for partners

No code API Authoring  & Zero foot print SSO

imageWe are delighted to announce the availability of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, Version 3.1. Our goal with every release is to deliver high quality differentiating features. Mobile Cloud Service is ranked as a leader in Forrester Wave and now ranked leader in the IDC Mobile App Development Report. In this latest release, we are announcing Express API, an exciting new feature that allows you to design and author APIs, in less than 5 minutes without writing any code, Zero footprint Enterprise SSO a way to Authenticate and Authorize mobile users without the need to import them to Shared Identity Manager, and SMS notifications for engaging customers in Apps.  In addition, we continue to innovate with our Bots platform and Advanced analytics coming soon.  We are confident that these features will help your customers build amazing and differentiated apps faster and better than ever before.

 Build APIs  Faster with Express API builder – API building at Supersonic Speeds

imageWrite an API in less than 5 minutes and collaborate with your development team immediately. We are introducing a very unique and differentiated way to build APIs without writing a single line of code. Start with your sample data and auto create APIs with all the methods and end points for your APIs. Create Mock APIs and get your client developers to start building apps without waiting for service developers to implement the APIs. Service developers can implement the services to this mock API anytime and all in line within the same environment in JavaScript with Node.JS. A fully integrated API design, authoring, mock and implementation service in one service and in one place. Click here to see Express API builder in action

Zero Footprint SSO

Does your company use a third party identity provider? Now, Customers no longer need to import their users into SIM (Shared Identity Manager) for Single Sign On, thanks to our new virtual user or zero footprint enterprise SSO feature. Simply obtain a SAML token, and then exchange it for an MCS token to access MCS APIs. Click here for information on MCS SSO with Zero Footprint

Increase Engagement with SMS

Every day, consumers turn to their mobile devices to interact with the brands they love. From making purchases in their favorite retail app, to viewing their flight status, or checking their bank balance, consumers want seamless experiences and relevant communications. So how can you reach and improve your relationships with your customers? With text messaging! Mobile Cloud Service is now integrated with Syniverse, which allows you to send SMS messages to your mobile app users irrespective of their mobile platform. Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) provides a Notifications API and testing UI to simplify sending SMS notifications to all the devices running your mobile apps. Click here for information on enabling SMS

Partner Resources (membership required):

Sales Kit MCS: Digital Engagement & New Apps: Cloud Native & Mobile

Customer presentations (ppt format) Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) & OOW 2016 Presentations

Training material: MCS and Forms Bootcamp Summer Camps 09.2016

Free MCS trial: PaaS free trial accounts MCS and JCS & ACC

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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