Application Development Platform — 16.4.5 is available


ANNOUNCING Application Development Platform 16.4.5 with useful new updates, enhancements, and relevant announcements to a vast range of services in the Application Development portfolio, including Java Cloud, Application Container Cloud, Developer Cloud, Application Builder Cloud, Database Cloud, Exadata Express Cloud, and more.

Java Cloud Service

· A streamlined Creation Wizard has 3 pages instead of 5.

· The Topology page was removed. To scale an instance or to add a load balancer, use the Instance Overview page or the instance menu.

· Use the new Cloud Stack Manager console and template to create both DBCS and JCS in a single operation. See this tutorial. This is an alternative to using the JCS creation wizard.

· A new security chapter was added to the documentation.

· Two new compute shapes are available.

Application Container Cloud Service
You can now use the new internal networking support to deploy clustered applications to Application Container Cloud. With this support you can, for example, deploy clustered Tomcat applications with replicated session state, so you can scale in without losing the user session. See Preparing a Clustered Application for Deployment in Developing for Oracle Application Container Cloud Service.

· In Getting Started with Chatbots, Tamer Qumhieh provides a step-by-step guide on how to get started with chatbots by building a Facebook chatbot that is implemented using Node.js running on Oracle Application Cloud Service.

Developer Cloud Service

· New Entitlements:
Developer Cloud Service is now provisioned with the following PaaS and IaaS services:

· Application Builder Cloud Service

· Exadata Express Cloud Service

· Database as a Service

· Any metered IaaS, including metered Compute, Oracle Container Cloud Service, etc.

· New blog posts:

· Enabling Continuous Delivery with Developer and SOA Cloud Service

· Microservice Approach – Using Oracle Developer Cloud to Build and Deploy Node.js and DBCS REST Service Projects

· Developing Dropwizard Applications for Application Container Cloud Service with Developer Cloud

· New Training:

· Developer Cloud Service Product Update for NAS, LAD, & EMEA

Partner Resources (community membership required)

· Sales Kits: DevOps: Agility for Dev / Test / Deploy & App Development and Deployment in the Cloud: Java EE Development & Testing & App Development and Deployment in the Cloud: Lightweight Web Applications & Reduce TCO through Consolidation&

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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