Rio2016 Medal Standings (Part1): Using MCS internal Database by Rubén Rodríguez Santiago


In this 3-part post series I will show how to build an Oracle MAX Application that will display the medal standing in Rio 2016.
This is what we are going to do in order to achieve our goal.
First we are going to use Oracle MCS internal database to store the urls of the flags that we will display in the application and we will also create a custom API to retrieve the records from the database.

Rio2016 Medal Standings (Part1): Using MCS internal Database

The second step is to design and implement the API that we will consume from the MAX application.

We will get the rankings using rio2016 node module that can be found in github.

Rio2016 Medal Standings (Part2): Designing and implementing rankings custom API (Coming soon)

And the last step we have to do is to build Oracle MAX application

Rio2016 Medal Standings (Part3): Building MAX application (Coming soon)

Let’s start! The node module that we are going to use to retrieve the standings doesn’t give us the flags url so we need to get them.
At this moment we can display either static or remote images in Oracle MAX, but the source of the image has to be its absolute url, we cannot display images from MCS Storage. This would be a great feature to have.
I stored in a server lots of flags, but we need to know what url corresponds to each country and we will use MCS Database to do it.

First we are going to create a custom api ‘RankingCountries’. Read the complete article here.

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