Application Container Cloud and Multi Tenant Services – Oracle embracing 3rd party technologies and open source projects by Lucas Jellema


The Oracle PaaS cloud is turning into the next generation application server platform. More specifically: Oracle has announced the roadmap for the Application Container Cloud Service (not to be confused with the plain Container Cloud Service which runs pre built Docker containers without looking into them). The Application Container Cloud Servic

  • accepts and runs applications (not containers) implemented in a number of technologies – Node.js, Java SE, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go and Spark/Hadoop (?!) are currently suggested
  • handles scaling [ based on rules that describe metrics such as max response time and max number of requests] automatically
  • handles monitoring, security, scheduling and other generic, platform wide facilities; I assume that the Application Container Cloud Service can easily feed data into Oracle Management Cloud Service for fine grained and real time monitoring
  • allows bindings between applications and between applications and other Oracle PaaS Cloud service instances
  • provides a number of generic facilities that each application can plug into and make use of; the facilities are called multi-tenant services. Read the complete article here.

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