Application Development Platform — 17.1.1 available


ANNOUNCING Application Development Platform 17.1.1 with useful new updates, enhancements, and relevant announcements to a vast range of services in the Application Development portfolio, including Java Cloud, Application Container Cloud, Developer Cloud, Application Builder Cloud, Database Cloud, Exadata Express Cloud, and more.

Java Cloud Service

· JCS added support for Oracle Database 12.2

Application Container Cloud Service

· Support for new caching capability, enabling faster and cheaper access to data, data source offload, and reliable, scalable state and data management. See Using Caches in Oracle Application Container Cloud Service.

· Maximum application shutdown time can now be specified. This permits a user to instruct ACCS to wait up to 600 seconds for an application to clean up or close resources before it is forcibly terminated. See Creating Metadata Files in Developing for Oracle Application Container Cloud Service.

· Java runtimes updated to versions 7u121 and 8u112.

· Node.js runtimes update to versions 0.10.48, 0.12.17, 4.6.1, and 6.9.1.

· Abhishek Gupta authored an excellent blog on deploying Javamicroservices on ACCS and IaaS to run message producers and consumers using Jersey and Kafka.

Developer Cloud Service

Recent Blogs

· Deploying Dropwizard application on Application Container Cloud using Developer Cloud Service

· Microservice Approach – Oracle Developer Cloud to build and deploy Nodejs and DBCS REST service projects.

· Deployment on Oracle SOA Cloud Service using Developer Cloud service

Application Builder Cloud Service

Recent Blogs

· Coding Sample in Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service

· Explaining Custom Objects Relationships Regular vs Parent/Child

· UI Extensions in Application Builder Cloud Service

Common Platform Features (PaaS Service Manager)

· Getting Started with Stack Manager video

Learn More

· Java Cloud Service:

· Application Container Cloud Service:

· Developer Cloud Service:  portal page

· Application Builder Cloud Service: portal page

· Exadata Express Cloud Service: portal page

· Database Cloud Service: portal page

Partner Resources (community membership required)

Sales Kits: DevOps: Agility for Dev / Test / Deploy & App Development and Deployment in the Cloud: Java EE Development & Testing & App Development and Deployment in the Cloud: Lightweight Web Applications & Reduce TCO through Consolidation&

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