DevOps Using Oracle Cloud free online training starting May 17th 2017



We’re announcing a new 4-week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on DevOps that features Application Container Cloud Service, Developer Cloud Service, and Management Cloud solutions. Please encourage your customers, partners, and others to sign up for this free MOOC that enables potential customers to understand how the Oracle Cloud platform can help them in their efforts to adopt and practice DevOps. If you need a flyer or an official email invitation to invite external participants, let us know. This MOOC starts on May 17, 2017. Students can enroll here:
Course Overview

Learn how Oracle’s tools and solutions make application development life cycle faster and predictable for both developers and operations using Oracle Developer Cloud Service. Also learn how Oracle Management Cloud enables continuous monitoring and log analytics to provide predictable high performance in production environments.

Students will learn:

  • What is DevOps?
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD) Using Python or Java
  • Agile and Project Management with Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  • Write and Deploy Code using Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment with Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  • Continuous Monitoring with Oracle Management Cloud
  • Monitoring Enterprise Applications and Rapid Troubleshooting
  • Capacity Planning


  • Familiarity with software development life cycle
  • Familiarity with at least one programming language, such as Java
  • Familiarity with an IDE, such as Eclipse

Enrollment Please note: Enrollment is a multi-step process. Until your enrollment is approved, you will not have access to the course materials.

Course Cost Free!

Course Duration 4 weeks

Time Commitment 4 – 6 hours weekly to review the videos (which are short) and take the quiz.

Course Completion There are course quizzes for each week. You will have 3 tries for each quiz. Score 70% or greater on each of the quizzes and you will receive a course completion certificate. The questions are based on the course content and the homework.

Language English. The videos also have English closed captions.

For details please visit the registration page here.

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