Announcing Application Development Platform — 17.2.3


ANNOUNCING Application Development Platform 17.2.3 with useful new updates, enhancements, and relevant announcements to a wide range of services in the Application Development portfolio, including Java Cloud, Application Container Cloud, Developer Cloud, Application Builder Cloud, Database Cloud, Exadata Express Cloud, and more.

Java Cloud Service

· Select a region where your Oracle Java Cloud Service instance will reside.

· Select reserved IP addresses if regions are enabled in your identity domain and you have selected a region.

· If you have selected a region, you can also select an IP network that you have created using Oracle Compute Cloud Service.

· Configure an IP address for each load balancer you specify during provisioning.

· You now have the option of selecting a memory metric as the basis for defining or editing scaling rules.

Application Container Cloud Service

· Python is now supported using a curated list of DockerHub official images. See Creating an Application in Using Oracle Application Container Cloud Service and Creating Metadata Files in Developing for Oracle Application Container Cloud Service. This is the first step in ACCS’ DockerHub integration and will be followed by more choice in Python versions and then more runtimes. Ruby support will arrive next.

· Application Cache Java API released

· See Using the Java API for Caching in Using Caches in Oracle Application Container Cloud Service.

· See Shaun’s blog on for API description and example code.

Developer Cloud Service

· New major version with many new features including:

· Oracle PaaS Service Manager (PSM) Build Steps – provision and configure PaaS services as part of your CI

· Release management – manage multiple artifacts related to a release

· Jenkins & Hudson webhooks – connect to external CI environment to send and receive events

· Language aware code search – get optimized results when searching your DevCS repositories

· Many more enhancements

Application Builder Cloud Service

· New major version with many new features including:

· Oracle Process Cloud Service Integration

· Oracle JET Composite Components Architecture Support

· REST Access to ABCS Business Objects Data

· Mobile Apps Access to Oracle SaaS Services

· New Business Object Provider Templates

· and more…

Learn More

· Java Cloud Service:

· Application Container Cloud Service:

· Developer Cloud Service:  portal page

· Application Builder Cloud Service: portal page

Partner Resources (community membership required)

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