Developer Cloud for NodeJS application Testing Automation using Jasmine by Abhinav Shroff


This blog will help you understand usage of Oracle Developer Cloud service for automated testing of NodeJS REST based web service application using a popular testing framework called Jasmine. The NodeJS application will be deployed on Oracle Application Container Cloud Service.

Note: For details on how to develop and deploy NodeJS REST application on Application Container Cloud using Developer Cloud service, please refer the blog link mentioned here

Tech Stack Usage

Eclipse: IDE for Nodejs development.

Expressjs: Nodejs module for REST web service development.

Grunt: Tool for building the Nodejs code archive for deployment.

Testing Framework: Jasmine

Oracle Developer Cloud: For managing the application lifecycle of the Project.

Oracle Application Container Cloud: For deployment of the Nodejs web service on container hosted by the cloud.

Setting up Jasmine for NodeJS application Testing:

After developing the NodeJS REST service application following the blog link given above, you will have a REST application in NodeJS deployed on Application Container Cloud Service. For this blog purpose I have named it as ServiceTest, but you are free to name it what you want.

The code files for testing using Jasmine framework can be included as part of separate ‘test’ folder(more from the segregation perspective). Since this is a sample service we are developing to see how the Jasmine based test automation works using DEVCS,we chose to keep the test scripts in the same application project. But for full scale projects, with comprehensive test scripts, you may choose to have a separate Git repository and project for the test scripts.

Below is the screen shot of the ServiceTest project in Eclipse: Read the complete article here.

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