JET Composite Components XI – Metadata Extensibility by Duncan Mills



In previous articles in this series, I have discussed some of the ways in which you can extend or override the Composite Component Framework. These include the overriding of lifecycle method callback names (not recommended) and custom property parsing (very useful). Additionally, of course you have the lifecycle methods themselves as a place to carry out the internal operations of your Composite Components. This all adds up to a pretty rich working environment, but the addition of the custom metadata capability really completes this story. In this article, I’ll be looking at how to define and work with extended metadata.

Defining Custom Metadata in the Composite Component Architecture

We have already seen how the definition metadata can contain information above and beyond that which is strictly required for runtime use. The description property and method parameter properties are examples of this. The intention of course being that consumers of the Composite Component can receive a richer description of the component. However, even those "Design Time" attributes may not be enough and so the framework also supports an extension mechanism.

Additional metadata of your own can be introduced anywhere within the Composite Component metadata definition (e.g. its JSON file) using the property extension. The value of this property can be defined as a complex object in it’s own right allowing you to define an unlimited amount of ancillary information on top of the base API.

Here’s an example of metadata with some extensions added: Read the complete article here.

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