Get Facebook profile detail using restfb Graph API in Java & ADF by Ashish Awasthi



Facebook is most popular social networking sites now a days and influencing our life in all aspect. Facebook gives us option to use it’s Graph API to access it’s features programmatically, The Graph API is primary way to read and write to facebook social graph using Access Tokens
In this post I am talking about how to access Facebook profile detail using restfb graph API . So First we need to know about Acsess Tokens

What docs says-

When someone connects with an app using Facebook Login, the app will be able to obtain an access token which provides temporary, secure access to Facebook APIs.
An access token is an opaque string that identifies a user, app, or Page and can be used by the app to make graph API calls
The token includes information about when the token will expire and which app generated the token. Because of privacy checks, the majority of API calls on Facebook need to include an access token.

restfb Graph API-

RestFB is a simple and flexible Facebook Graph API client written in Java.It is open source software and simplifies code for you , It provides default implementation for all components . We need to access it’s methods and customized it
Let’s start with getting access token for our application
Open Graph API Explorer , You’ll see a input text there to enter token
As we don’t have any token so we need to generate one , click on Get token – Get User Access Token, It’ll open a dialog asking permissions. Read the complete article here.

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