Spring Seminar #OUGN18 from Oslo to Kiel and back 8-10.March! Share your knowledge and experience. Call for Papers for next years Spring Seminar – Vårseminaret 2018 – Open until 15/11


The Cruise Boat has been a great tradition for the Oracle User Group in Norway the

last 10 years

Have you never attended and are curious, look up Twitter tag #OUGN16 and

#OUGN17, or @OUGNorway

We have different tracks to fill and Digitalization will be our all over theme this year.

Our tracks:

Analytics – everything about BI, Big Data, Datawarehouse

Apps – EBS has over the years been in focus

Core Tech – Need no explanation J

DB Development – We see now more interest in Apex in Norway as part of the DB

Development, but also regular database development. How about ORDS?

Development/DevOps – the old Java track in new wrapping. Are you part of Oracle

Developer Community, please submit. We also want to hear about Java

Development, or do you even have experience in Open Source

Security&Integration everything about intergration, middleware, API management,

Strategy&More – Here we gather every reason for CxO and Architects to be on

board. We will dedicate one day for topics about Digitalization. Any one with

experience of Management Cloud? GDPR will be over us May.

Please submit your tracks: http://c4p.ougn.no latest 15.November 2017

Do you have any questions, send us an email c4p@ougn.no?

Love to see you on board,

Oracle User Group Norway

For additional call for papers please visit our wiki here.

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